Nursing Philosophy



Medical institutions and patients rely on the work of physicians and nurses because there is no automation to consider the broad range of the patients’ concerns. However, sometimes, the understanding of the role of a professional nurse is far from the best. Thus, a nurse must understand the role of one’s occupation and realize social responsibilities that are associated with this profession. This paper analyzes the role of a nurse in a global healthcare environment by way of examining the relationship and practices at a nursing workplace. The study also gives a personal vision of nursing philosophy. The reason for it is that I work as a nurse at the [INSTITUTION’S NAME] The paper suggests that the understanding of the role of this occupation would sufficiently raise the efficiency and feeling of responsibility in nursing practitioners.

Nursing Philosophy

Before considering the subject of the study, it is important to define the notions “philosophy” and “nursing.” Thus, Donely et al. (Chitty, Black, 2011) refer to the philosophy as beliefs of people, which reveal underlying values and attitudes regarding any area. The International Council of Nursing (ICN) claims that nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages and communities regardless of their health condition (Crosta, 2014). Consequently, nursing philosophy describes the field of knowledge and practices that represent nursing activity and human healing processes. One presumes that it is critically important for a nurse to develop a correct philosophical vision of this profession.

Scholars claim that if a person wants to become a nurse, he or she has some psychological traits that are associated with this activity. For instance, Miers, Rickaby, and Pollard (2007) state that nursing students choose this career because it reflects their interests and attributes. However, their studies should form a complete concept of the essence of the nursing occupation.

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My name is ______ and I practice nursing at __________. I think that this profession exists to help people and better their health condition. I have chosen this occupation because I am an altruist, and I want to help people. It is a great relief assisting a person to recover. I think that all nurses are good people, but some of them lack experience and knowledge. That is why sometimes they make mistakes. As for the patients, I respect them disregarding the fact they may have a bad mood or treat a nurse nastily. If they have problems with health, I am ready to help them. I respect other medical practitioners because all of us are united by similar aims at work. I also believe that we have a nice community that is willing to help our hospital and support all stakeholders when there is a need for it. I believe that the major domain of nursing is a person and the value of life. Once we had a patient in critical condition that was hit by a car. I stayed with this person as long as I could and did my best while assisting. Consequently, the patient recovered. As for the domain of health, I respect all the feelings that patients have when they experience illness. Sometimes they may say rude words, but I know that they are good people and just need to be healthy. As for the environment, I think that all people want to be in a safe and pleasant medical environment. That is why I treat all of them nicely and help as much as I can. I face not so many challenges. Mostly it is hard and long work in assisting physicians.


Summarizing the presented information, one concludes that it is of critical importance for a nurse to develop a philosophical position regarding his or her occupation. This understanding would enhance the efficiency of the nursing practice and reduce the cases of malpractice. I think that a nurse of the future is a responsible person that understands his or her role and wants to assist the patients with all possible methods. I raise my medical experience and knowledge to become an efficient nurse of the future.

As a sufficient nurse, I try to enrich my philosophical position with up-to-date knowledge in this sphere. In my future, I may face with challenges of mastering new technologies or dealing with unknown diseases. However, I will be learning hard to be the best in my occupation. Consequently, my main goals are assisting physicians and patients and raising my proficiency based on new knowledge and practice. That is why I think that I would be an effective nurse of the future despite the challenges that are present in my profession.

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