Philosophy and the Human Good


The possibility of social justice has always remained a complex problem. Since the creation of the institution of the state, people have been trying to establish fair and beneficial conditions for all citizens. It would be fair because the cooperation should be profitable both for the people and the ruling leaders. Many countries of the world have considerably moved forward in their strivings for the humans’ good, but still, there are territories, where most of the population experience exploitation, poverty, and shortages for the realization of basic human needs. The leaders of many developing countries promote certain ideas or philosophies of social improvement, but, in fact, they can do nothing in the conditions of global market competition.

Ideas or Philosophy of Social Improvement

In my opinion, people are not born equal, because they come to this world in different social environments and have different abilities, mentality, and ambitions. Some are encouraged and promoted, and those are suppressed and humiliated. The latter have to achieve success or just a decent level of living without any help or support. Nevertheless, I believe that any progressive state should endow every citizen with an equal opportunity in getting success in life and the possibility of the pursuit of happiness. It means fair market competition, legal conditions of labor, the absence of human trafficking and exploitation, access to quality health care and education, legal defense of property and business, freedom of religious, ethnic, and gender representation.

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The philosophies of a fair social state have proven their insufficiency. For example, Marxism theory, which was very popular at the beginning of the twentieth century, led to the utopia of socialism building. The main theoretical principle of Marxism underlined the equality of all citizens in the goods distribution. In the end, after seventy years of self-deception, the countries of the former Soviet Union faced the necessity of survival in principally new market relations.

In my opinion, the national government should shorten its intrusion upon business and service delivery to promote sound and fair competition. Even educational and health establishments should experience the necessity of constant development and improvement stipulated by market relations. The state governments should legally regulate the monopoly and fictive price establishment, create laws for fair state regulations, control and support the military service. The leaders’ income should be transparent and accessible to the public discussion, and in no cases, it can present examples of leaders’ incredible enrichment.

Global Society

Global society puts new questions to the citizens of the world and dictates new conditions of cultural and national coexistence. People from developing countries leave their native lands in search of better working conditions and reasonable compensation for their labor. Floods of immigrants appear in America and Europe nowadays, because the governments of these territories have managed to organize the life of the society in a way profitable for the humans’ good. People from developing countries can only dream of the social guarantees and welfare, which is present in European countries and America.

American Leaders

American leaders have never got the ambition of creating conditions for everyone’s good, but they promoted the ideas of hard-working and self-sacrifice for having opportunities in life to provide a decent living for future generations. The USA claims to be a democracy with sound market regulations and competitive background. The general American philosophy is vividly represented by the idea of the American dream. It means an opportunity for those who have courage, talent, and will in getting success without any discrimination on racial, gender, or religious principles. The human good is not in philosophy but action.

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