Writing a Film Critique: The Perks of Professional Work

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How to Write a Film Critique to Reflect on the Deepest Matters

Every cinema enthusiast who wants to delve deeply into the essence of miscellaneous movies should know how to write a film critique. If you obtain this task in an academic context, you even feel excited, as this kind of paper is much more compelling than a typical tedious essay. It is fantastic when your movie critique homework accidentally coincides with your favorite movie. This way, you will not need a writing service – only in case, scrupulous proofreading is needed. If you view cinema as an art (and our experts absolutely endorse such an opinion), you strive to stick to the professional level of writing on your own. However, you are still an amateur, and you may miss significant details. The main problem is that your emotions may impede you from critical thinking. The secret of a splendid film critique is the ability to contemplate from the sidelines. Your piece must not reflect sheer passion and adoration.

Moreover, it is good to differentiate a motion picture from a typical film review. The latter one is more primitive, as you indulge in the expression of your opinion as well as exposure of the plot. On the contrary, a critique involves in-depth scrutiny of the film’s substance. Logically, such a thoughtful essay will unlikely be focused on analyzing a trivial comedy or an unpretentious melodrama. The film that must be “dissected and digested” by your mind will be probably something vastly symbolic. It has to present layers of diverse ideas in coherent connections. It is akin to unpuzzling figurative language in a book. In this case, besides seeking and interpreting symbols, you must investigate the setting, comprehend the director’s choice of the core themes and their correspondence to real-life issues.

Mastering the Stages of Movie Critique Art

As compelling as it may seem, a movie critique, similarly to any comprehensive investigation, demands following logical steps. You may start writing it with excitement, but you may end up slightly overwhelmed. To evade frustration, there should be a proper strategy that will help you encompass every important stage. We have come up with the step-by-step elucidation of this writing plan, which shows that we keenly reveal our knowledge even for free.

Stage 1: Watch the entire movie thoughtfully. Any cinema adherent would tell, “A lazy amateur is seen instantly the moment he is caught watching spoilers.” A decent analysis is impossible if you do not perceive the required movie from its beginning to its end. If you want to save your time by watching spoilers – please, do not do it, it will only distort your reflections, making them borrowed ones, but not your own. Luckily, most of the cinema connoisseurs never make such mistakes. We hope you are on your way to being one of them. Besides, you have to remember that it is not a regular relaxed movie watching – it is done for a specific project. Hence, you can take pauses to write down the most captivating moments. The positive aspect lies in the creative perception – your interpretation can be unexpected, somewhat whimsical, but an authoritative one.

Stage 2: Outline the constituents of the film. While the film’s genre is easily indicated, the misinterpretation of the major theme may cause problems between the original intentions, your observation, and your readers’ opinions. The symbolic part can be construed freely, but the definition of the theme should be exact. It may be focused on revenge, romance, existential crisis, war, etc.

Stage 3: Study the roles of protagonists and antagonists. Each character, even a minor one, has its role and mission. A central character may embody the core idea of the plot. However, in unique cases, supporting characters may have no less important role for the anagnorisis.

Stage 4: Get familiar with the people behind the scenes. Pay special attention to the creators of the motion picture and all other people involved. You may choose to focus on certain elements that stand out.

Stage 5: Smartly present the storyline. This is a tricky task because you have to unravel the storyline to interest your readers and, at the same time, you do not have to disclose all nuances – the audience prefers to discover plot twists on their own. Ordinary summarizing will make your work dull and will not fulfill its purpose that lies in the meticulous analysis.

Stage 6: Start a movie critique creation. The preliminary outline is always your “friend in need”, as it will make you prepared for expressing the most thought-provoking points beforehand, without seeking them repeatedly. Jotting down the substantial ideas for each paragraph facilitates the writing process. Five paragraphs are usually enough to reveal all the above-mentioned steps.

  • Paragraph 1: Mention the title of the film, its director and possibly famous actors; disclose the central idea in a firm thesis statement;
  • Paragraph 2: Divulge the story or several intersecting stories.
  • Paragraph 3: Unravel the setting, the film’s structure, and stylistic elements;
  • Paragraph 4: Delve into the in-depth analysis, seek symbols and irregular cinematic devices;
  • Paragraph 5: Conclude your essay by supporting your thesis. You can also connect the major ideas with the current world (economic or ecological) situation when applicable.

Stage 7: Edit the film review you accomplished. Even when you are inspired in the process of producing your movie critique paper, remember one simple truth: even a genius is not self-assured enough to skip the stage of editing. The second and third revision of your essay is compulsory. If you are unsure whether your work is free of mistakes and typos, you can always rely on our top-notch editors.

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