Submitting a Refund Application 

  1. Any customer who uses’s writing service is entitled to request a refund for a period of 14 days (or 2 weeks) following a deadline’s expiry date. There are no time limits in place where applications concern plagiarism. However, our company will require a valid plagiarism report as proof of liability.

Please Note: Certain detection systems are considered more reliable than others for reporting plagiarism. For instance, reports from the detection system are not considered acceptable proof since they erroneously highlight certain content that is not actually considered plagiarism. Likewise, hand-written comments are not acceptable. By contrast, the reports provided by Turnitin, iThenticate and WriteCheck are considered valid.     

  1. Our company shall not be held accountable for any traces of plagiarism identified in those parts of a continuation order the customer completes. We only check our own parts for originality.      
  2. All cases of dissatisfaction are referred to our company’s refunds section for investigation. Reports are issued in 3-4 business days and full or part refunds are offered on valid claims.


  1. Customers of may request free-of-charge revisions for 2 days (48 hours) following a deadline’s expiry date. Once this time has elapsed, the customer will need to submit a new order for revision work. If, however, a writer at agrees to revise a paper at no additional cost, we cannot consider a refund at a future date.   
  2. Where a paper is comprised of 20+ pages, we offer free revisions for 30 days following the order deadline expiry date.
  3. cannot offer free revisions if the customer alters their initial instructions. Where crucial information and/or materials are only submitted after an order is completed or while writing is in progress, the customer will need to submit a compensation order.
  4. A new deadline will need to be set for revision work and submitted with the customer’s instructions. Sometimes, it can take our company 24 hours to turn revisions around with much dependent on how easy or difficult it is to reassign a particular order and on complexity levels. always endeavors, however, to complete revisions by the agreed deadline.
  5. We advise customers to keep an eye on their email and personal account page in case their assigned writer or our administrators are trying to communicate with them. Sometimes, unfortunately, critical materials are not included when the customer first places their order. It is, however, the responsibility of the customer to provide us with clear information and all required materials at the time of ordering or if/when their assigned writer requests clarification.       
  6. additionally offers a revision “extension” service whereby the revision period can be extended from 48 hours (2 days) to 14 days (2 weeks). This service costs 30% of the overall cost of an order and is not refundable if the customer does not require revisions. The only condition is that revision instructions should not differ from the initial instructions. 

A Full Refund

A customer may be entitled to a full refund if:

  1. Our company has charged them too much or they accidently submit a duplicate order. Should this happen, our customer services personnel will cancel unwanted orders provided the customer contacts them immediately to advise them of the situation.     
  2. Our company fails to identify/assign a suitably qualified writer.
  3. Where the cost of an order is refunded in full, the customer should not continue to use any content or materials the company has provided. 

A Partial Refund

A customer may be entitled to a part refund if:

  1. They order the wrong amount of pages. Our company will issue a partial refund based on the actual number of words required.   
  2. They select the wrong writing or academic level. For instance, if the customer orders a college paper instead of a high school paper, our company will recalculate the order price and issue an appropriate refund amount.    
  3. The order contains contradicting instructions/comments, e.g., for instance, if the customer’s message or order description does not match the submitted materials, our company will work out an appropriate refund amount.     
  4. Cancellation of orders after a writer is allocated: 

Refund percentage

Passed deadline

100 percent

10 to19% of expired deadline

90 percent

20 - 29 percent of elapsed deadline

80 percent

30 - 39 percent of elapsed deadline

70 percent

40 - 49 percent of elapsed deadline

60 percent

50 - 59 percent of elapsed deadline

50 percent

60 percent (and over) of elapsed deadline

Please Note: Cancellation cannot be accommodated where:

  • The deadline the customer initially set has 30% left
  • We have allocated a writer to the order.

In addition, if a writer has already uploaded a complete paper, the order cannot be cancelled.

Late Verification

  1. To combat online fraud, we may ask you to verify your identity. If you are late complying with such a request, the deadline for order completion begins from the moment we get respective clarifications. If delay is likely to cause you a problem you can ask a) to extend your deadline or b) provide us with a new order, e.g., if your assignment is needed quickly.

Word Count Issues

  1. We use word count (300 words per page) rather than visual appearance to calculate page size. Technical-style papers are excluded from this particular rule since they mostly contain calculation work. Hence, price is decided on the basis of complexity.    
  2. PowerPoint Presentations. If you need Speaker notes with your presentation, our writers can provide you with 100-150 words per slide. However, these will need to be ordered and paid for separately.   
  3. If you need help writing an online test, we can assist with this. Price is calculated according to the total number of test questions and on the assumption of 5 questions, including multi-choice style questions, to each page. Therefore, a 20-question test = a 4-page order. 


  1. An additional compensation order will be needed to accommodate early delivery except in the event a writer at agrees to complete an order early at no additional cost. If this happens, we cannot consider a refund at a future date.  
  2. If delivers an order late and has not sought an extension to the deadline or the customer’s approval in advance, a partial refund will be offered. 

Order Type

  1. In the interests of delivering orders on time, we ask our customers to select the type of order they need carefully. For example, try not to order an “essay” when you need a “research paper” to avoid delays. Refunds will not be provided while order payment is still outstanding. 
  2. We accommodate requests for “rewriting.” This means our writers will rephrase or reword a text. You will only be asked for an additional order where new writing or extra work is needed.   
  3.  Prompt response helps us complete orders more quickly. Therefore, we ask that you check your messaging page and email on a regular basis for possible communications from us.