Many clients are curious about the principles of how a custom writing company operates. One of the most frequently asked questions is how the order will be delivered to them and how they will be able to download it. The other category of clients wants to keep in touch with their writer and monitor the progress of the order.

Actually, when talking about first-time customers, it is obvious that they may have multiple questions regarding the whole process of custom writing. If you are a first-time client who is just thinking about placing an order online and getting expert academic writing help, you are welcome to read this article and find answers to the questions that interest you.

Moreover, the information provided in the article below will greatly assist those willing to get a job in the sphere of custom writing. Particularly, if you would like to apply for the position of a custom writer, you will know what skills and knowledge you are required to have to fit for the position. Keep in mind that you are always welcome to get in touch with our customer support team whenever you need some assistance or clarifications regarding the process of ordering custom-written papers.

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How to Place an Order with a Custom Writing Company?

  1. Fill in the order placement form

It is easy to place an order. The whole process will not take you more than 5-7 minutes. Due to the tips and hints provided next to each field in the order registration form, you will always know for sure what information you are expected to provide.

Still, before sending your order instructions, you will have to fill out your personal provide, where you will provide your personal and contact information (so that our company administration or customer support team will be able to contact you in urgent cases).

If you have visited our website not with an aim of ordering a custom-written paper but with an aim of applying for a position of a writer, make sure you provide your CV and a cover letter. Moreover, please inform about your expectations, your plans, your career goals, your educational background, and former experience if any.

  1. Make a payment

If you have simply placed an order on the website, you will not be assigned a writer unless you pay for the order. This is actually the ultimate stage of the order placement process. The payment system we use is safe and secure. You can use trusted payment methods, such as credit card, or debit card. In most cases, our customer support department will contact you and will ask you to verify your payment. It is also done for security purposes. By the verification process, we can make sure that our clients are protected from fraud. You will verify the payment process by answering a telephone call from us.

  1. Writing stage

The writing process begins when your order is assigned a writer. When assigning writers for your orders, we make sure that they have the necessary qualifications and experience to be able to provide a high-quality paper on the given topic. As such, when you buy orders from us, be sure that you will be assigned the best specialist in your research field or subject area. Your assigned writer will definitely provide a high-quality paper on the stated topic. He/ she will closely investigate the topic and provide a thorough and comprehensive review of the literature. Apart from ordinary academic papers, you can also order resume writing from In such a case, you will need to provide sufficient background information on your education and former work experience. With all the facts and details provided by you, our writers will be able to tailor a perfect resume. When your paper is completed, you will be able to download it from your personal cabinet or email.

  1. Editing and proofreading

After the paper completion, the work on the order does not stop. Your paper is later sent to the editorial team for a thorough check. As such, our editors check how well the paper corresponds to the instructions and whether it meets paper requirements. Our editors pay close attention to the paper content, coherence within the paper, transitions, connection of ideas, etc. They also check how smoothly one idea flows to another. Another stage of the checking process is the proofreading stage. Here the paper will be proofread and checked in terms of punctuation, grammar, spelling, formatting, and the overall paper mechanics. If you have still managed to find mistakes or inconsistencies in your paper even after such a thorough check, you are free to request a revision from your writer. Here, however, keep in mind that you should not change original instructions but provide detailed specifications as to what exactly should be modified or altered in the paper. If you would like to apply for a revision, you are free to contact our customer support team for help.

  1. The final stage

The final stage of your cooperation with the custom writing service is your opportunity to download the paper from the personal account or your email. The formats you can choose are doc and pdf. In case you have some other software or operating system, feel free to inform our customer support service of this thing. When the paper is finished and has been delivered, you will be informed about it via email.

  1. Leave a feedback

Our custom writing company is always happy when customers leave feedback on the website after their cooperation with us. This step is not an obligatory one but we really appreciate it when students leave a comment regarding the paper they got and it's quality. We want to improve our services to make them the best ones for our clients, so we are always happy to receive reviews from you where you mention about pros and cons of our service.