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When writing a research proposal, one should be maximally careful and attentive to detail. Of course, writing a short essay or article review is not as difficult as writing a research proposal. However, if you want to obtain an academic degree, you will need to learn how to write a research proposal of high quality. If you are afraid that you will not be able to submit a good-looking document because of the lack of writing experience, you should not waste your time because our writing team is ready to provide you with unmatched assistance. Keep reading our article and we will familiarize you with the helpful tips that will enable you to succeed in writing a research proposal. Also, we will provide you with information about our writing center that has enough resources and potential to become your companion in the world of academic writing. When you pay for your research proposal at our writing service, you get even more than you expect because we are a leading provider of custom writing assistance worldwide. If you are looking for an efficient way to improve your academic performance, we assure you that cooperation with our writing company is the best choice.

What Is a Research Proposal? Useful Information

Before you start working on your research proposal document, you should understand what is a research proposal. In a nutshell, a research proposal is a document that aims to present and justify your interest in a specific research topic. In particular, it aims to highlight all the outcomes of the proposed study with the help of thorough research. In other words, it should emphasize the issues and questions you are going to address in your paper to convince your supervisor that your work has significant theoretical and practical value. It is the first draft of your research paper that will demonstrate your awareness of the topic and communicate the ideas that will be elaborated on in your research paper.

Working on a Research Proposal Outline

Many students do not fully understand the importance of the research proposal outline, thus they end up putting all the information together without following the proper structure. Before you start working on your research proposal, you will need to come up with a good outline that will help you figure out the main aspects that will be discussed in your paper. Speaking figuratively, an outline is the skeleton of your paper that will help you organize your paper properly without paying attention to meaningless or irrelevant points.

About the Aspects of a Research Proposal Format

As for a common research proposal format, you should know that it greatly depends on the requirements and guidelines introduced by your tutor. However, no matter what instructions you need to follow, your proposal should include the following parts:

  1. Title;
  2. Abstract;
  3. Introduction;
  4. Review of literature;
  5. Topic significance/background;
  6. Research methodology;
  7. Research objectives;
  8. Results/findings;
  9. Discussion;
  10. Conclusion;
  11. References.

Common Types of Research Proposals

In academic writing, there are several types of research proposals that should be familiar to everyone, who wants to succeed with this project.

  • Solicited proposals

Such proposals aim to respond to a specific proposal solicitation and have a difference in the format and technical content;

  • Unsolicited proposals

Such proposals are done from the researcher’s interest in a specific topic. Noteworthy, they do not have stringent requirements.

  • Continuation proposals

Typically, continuation proposals are directed towards projects that take several years to complete.

  • Pre Proposals

A pre-proposal is a letter that shows your intention. Once it is approved, the sponsor will get in touch with the applicant and inform them if they are allowed to write a full proposal or not.

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How to Write a Research Proposal? Learn with Us

So, how to write a research proposal? To succeed in research proposal writing, you need to know how to write and structure your document in a way that will get the approval of the tutor. You already know what research proposal format you need to follow. Now, let us provide you with more details on each of the main parts:

  1. Title. The title is the first thing seen by your reader. Thus, you will need to make it maximally catchy and informative to help your intended audience understand that your work is interesting. A good title has approximately ten words and clearly communicates the main idea of your work. In addition to a clear title, the title page should include the following information:
    • the title of your project;
    • your name;
    • the name of your supervisor;
    • the title of your educational institution.

    In case your department has some specific guidelines for writing a title page, you will need to follow them.

  2. Abstract. The abstract is a summary of your proposal. Typically, it should not exceed 150-250 words that will help you state the main points of your proposal. If your proposal is rather long, you will also need to include a table of contents.
  3. Introduction. In a research proposal, an introduction should cover the following elements:
    • the main purpose of your study;
    • the background information that will help you inform your target audience about the significance of your study;
    • a research question that will become the main idea of your work;
    • brief description of the issues you are going to discuss in your paper;
  4. Literature review. A review of the literature should go right after the introduction. In academic writing, a literature review is an overview of credible, relevant, and peer-reviewed academic sources pertaining to your topic. This section is a basis for your work that will help you identify a gap in the topic discussion. Keep in mind that you need to provide not only summaries of the papers but also their detailed evaluation. In particular, you will need to identify and analyze the main strengths and weaknesses of the approaches used by other researchers, as well as explain how will your study match the existing theory.
  5. Background. When you are done with writing the literature review section, you will need to provide the background information that will help your target audience understand the significance of your project. This section includes a critical evaluation of the existing knowledge as it should help your reader understand the progress you are going to reach;
  6. Methodology. In this part, you will need to outline how you are going to answer your research questions. Of course, a well-written methodology section is particularly important as it will allow you to present a significant analysis of the primary data. The methodology section of your research proposal will identify data collection techniques that will help you obtain the necessary information. What is more, you will need to identify the limitations of your research qualifying the parameters you are going to introduce. Pay attention that it is better to work with a narrow topic instead of a broad one as it will enable you to present the impressive work;
  7. Research objectives. Your research objectives will inform your reader about what you are going to achieve. To succeed in writing your research proposal, you will need to make your research objectives achievable. Before you state your research goals, you will need to have a look at some well-written samples of research proposals that will help you figure out how to write your objectives clearly and logically;
  8. Results. When writing a proposal, you will not have any results. Therefore, in this section, you will need to describe how you are going to approach your research question, as well as present hypotheses based on the data you have collected;
  9. Discussion. In this part, you will need to describe the potential impact of your research and highlight the reasons for selecting a respective topic. Make sure not to exaggerate the merits just to enhance the significance of your work in the eyes of your intended audience;
  10. Conclusion. In the concluding part of your paper, you will need to summarize the main aspects discussed in your paper without introducing new information.
  11. References. To avoid plagiarism in your paper, you will need to include appropriate citations within your paper. All the sources you have used when writing your paper should appear in your reference list that should be formatted according to a style indicated in your prompt.

How Long Should a Research Proposal Be?

Are you wondering how long should a research proposal be? Typically, a research proposal is 4-7 pages long.

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Why Getting Research Proposal Writing Help Is a Great Idea?

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Have a Look at Our Research Proposal Example

To make sure that we provide our customers with the best papers, you need to check a research proposal example produced by one of our writers.