welcomes you to our website. Thank you for being interested in the services we offer. Firstly, you should know that we take customer security and privacy very seriously. Therefore, our administrators take every available step to ensure your personal information is not lost, stolen or misused. To find out what types of data our web server collects and how it is used, please keep reading.          

To deliver the best possible writing services, there is certain information we need to collect about those who browse our website and use our services. For example, we collect data about the times visitors access our site and the type of operating systems and browsers they use.    

Please be assured that Information of such kind does not allow us to disclose one’s identity. We use it solely for the purposes of:

  • Modifying and customizing the information and content on our site
  • Improving the way information is set out and presented.   

We do not share, disclose, or sell any kind of information that is collected like this.

Do We Use Web Cookies?

Cookies are useful for gathering statistical information about traffic volumes to our website, frequency of visits, and so on. This information then helps us to improve our website and make it easier to navigate. Therefore, we do use cookies.     

What Personal Information Does Collect?

At the time of registering on our site, customers are asked to provide their:

  • Names
  • Contact telephone numbers
  • Email addresses. uses personal information purely for the purpose of completing orders. For example, we may have to ask customers to clarify or approve something or to provide extra materials. Therefore, it is critical that we have accurate information in order to contact you. The information you provide will never be sold, shared, disclosed, published, or sent to the third parties. Furthermore, it is only accessible to our most trustworthy personnel.

Online Transaction Processing

Your credit card information or billing data will never be revealed because the payment methods we use are entirely secure and reliable. Our billing team may additionally ask you to confirm your identity with a view to protecting you from online scams and fraud.         

What are Your Rights?

You may add, alter or delete the information on your profile page at any time.