How to Make an Engaging Definition Essay?

A definition essay is an academic piece of writing that defines a certain term or concept. The benefits of writing this type of paper is a broad range of topics you can examine. You may create your work about any abstract or exact subject which you think is worth your attention. Feel free to describe an animal, flower, building, passion, irritation, joy, etc. Producing a definition essay on an abstract notion is easier than on a concrete one. Thus, you will be able to customize your as you want.

Key Peculiarities of a Definition Essay

  • It can be created in any style. You can provide just a simple description of the matter you are addressing or use different stylistic devices to characterize it properly.
  • You are free to prepare your essay about any concrete object. Readers will show a complete understanding of your topic, as everyone is aware of the features concrete objects have.
  • As to abstract ideas, you need to present your point of view about the discussed point and cite vivid examples. When producing a definition essay about such notions as life, death, happiness, etc., one is more likely to describe their feelings than put forward some arguments.

If you know exactly what notion you want to analyze, you will write a good paper. It is better to write a definition essay on the subject you are well aware of. Additionally, it is good to have great analytical skills. Therefore, you will not find covering some aspects of your topic very complicated.

Definition Essay Structure

Introductory paragraph

  • First, provide a definition of the term taken from the dictionary. You may also refer to the scientific works of famous scholars if the notion you are dealing with is rather complex.
  • Then, define a ter min your own words and express your opinion about it. Highlight the main points you are going to discuss in your piece of writing.


  1. Provide basic facts about the examined notion.
  2. Illustrate each of the previously highlighted points with interesting examples. Explain each point properly.
  3. Take the abovementioned steps to analyzing all points of your definition essay.


Summarize the data provided in the introductory section. It is seen that writing a definition essay is not complicated. Though the directions provided above are very useful, you are not limited to them. Do not hesitate to express your personal opinion about the matter.