What is Fair Use Policy?

It is a set of rules, which belong to the section of official Terms and Conditions of Pay-For-Essay.org. It can be further subject to provisions by the authorized team of our policy control experts. In case there are contradictory issues, which go against the Policy, the regulations related to the fair usage should be uppermost. Read through the following  explications of the Policy to avoid any potential misunderstandings or misuse of our products.

How Fair Use is Related to Your Decent Academic Path

Our core goal is to provide assistance to students, who face the impediments in academia. Pay-For-Essay.org experts compose insightful tutorials and essay samples, which serve as exemplary patterns of well-organized and contextually relevant research papers. It can be compared to a structural written tutorship with the additional tools of knowledge expansion.

Owing to the scrupulously investigated topics in our sample essays (which will be further referred to as “Papers”), every customer gets the chance to improve their study routine, learn to delve into the scholarly discoveries at much deeper levels, and eventually, write equally decent works without any help. We suggest that you read our Policy in detail to understand how Papers can be used and what aspects of misusage should be avoided.

Our writers and editors concentrate their efforts on revealing unfeigned fact-based knowledge according to the requirements of academic institutions. While some study programs may seem to be challenging for some students, our aim is to face these challenges and create the most convenient means of the required material elucidation.

All the materials you obtain from Pay-For-Essay.org should be used for investigation purposes only, but not for appropriation and other related academic misconduct. Every writer serves as a role model with conceptual ideas, which can be applied only as patterns in the same direction but not reused as own written piece. You can only produce your unique work based on the structural elements of the Papers, but not copy the same ideas word for word.

Pay-For-Essay.org Papers serve the following educational purposes:

  1. Expose the all-embracing concept of the necessary topic to enhance your understanding of the subject matter and its further applicable research;

  2. Elucidate the instructions of a specific assignment through a clearly written sample, which adheres to similar requirements;

  3. Teach every striving student based on vivid examples of the subject matter exploration;

  4. Outline fundamental plans for further educational research;

  5. Provide every student with the necessary concepts and terminological tips related to a certain topic;

  6. Compose coherent frameworks to facilitate the creation of students’ own academic works;

  7. Provide relevant resources that can be used as Works Cited or prospective research materials.

Papers from Pay-For-Essay.org should be used for such purposes as:

  1. Getting supplementary materials to scrutinize similar topics independently;

  2. Comprehending the fundamental ideas and using them as core points to write original essays without prior assistance;

  3. Checking your understanding of the subject matter, its main arguments, and purposes of further investigation;

  4. Building up independent research around the sample Paper (learning to process information as the authorly source);

  5. Coming up with your own ideas, standpoints, and reflections to write originally without the impediments;

  6. Opposing the views of the paper in order to develop analytical or even counter-argumentative thinking;

  7. Using a sample Paper to check your knowledge of quoting, citing referencing according to the academic formatting standards.

We strongly encourage you not to submit and publish any of the Papers received from Pay-For-Essay.org. They cannot be used as your own works. By using our essays as samples, you contribute to your academic integrity maintenance and diligence.

Policy of Authentic Authorship based on Plagiarism Prevention

You have to be aware that by claiming that our Papers are your own written pieces, you commit plagiarism. This is academic misconduct, which may lead to expulsion. Thus, never use works written by others without referencing the authors if you do not want to violate fundamental academic norms.

No form of plagiarism will be tolerated

If you turn in or publish any of our Papers as your own essay, then you would breach the main educational rules regarding the authenticity of research and independent composition.

Fair Use Guarantees

When becoming a registered user with Pay-For-Essay.org, you automatically agree to our Fair Use Policy. Therefore, you cannot submit any of the Papers, even if the topic coincides with your recently assigned research. You are not allowed to claim authorship of the essay written by our expert. It also concerns any alterations and corrections of the content. We suggest that you check every work you write via reliable plagiarism scanners, such as Turnitin.

Every customer of Pay-For-Essay.org has to accept the terms predetermined in our Policy to use the Papers only as exemplary pieces. Only scholarly writers connected with the website own the exceptional rights to publish the Papers in other sources.

If you commit academic malpractice by using our Papers as your own compositions, you must be aware of the consequences, including the expulsion from the educational establishment you are studying at. By not complying with our Policy, you become the only one violator of the academic norms, while our experts remain original authors of the appropriated works.

Any form of disagreement with our Fair Use Policy is not appreciated.

Contact Our Team

Contact Pay-For-Essay.org to clarify any possible nuances of our prospective cooperation before becoming our client. We eagerly respond to your inquiries to preserve academic integrity. All the cases of our Policy violation are handled by the Compliance Team. On our part, we guarantee that every written work reflects authenticity at all the order creation stages.

You can address us at [email protected] regarding our Fair Use Policy rules and ask any other questions related to the uniquely written content.