1. What Is a Case Study?
  2. Types of Case Study
  3. Purpose of Case Study
  4. Case Study Method
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  6. Case Study Format
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If you are reading this article, then you are probably searching for a trusted case study writing service. In case you are willing to cooperate with a writing company offering the best price and quality balance to its customers, then you are just in the right place. Since it is a common assignment in many educational institutions, students need to know how to define case study writing. In such a paper, you are supposed to analyze the hypothetical situation or event explaining how it will influence a specific person or a group of people in real life. As you progress through your academic career, you will see how the case study tasks will become more complex. In high school, you will need to read case studies and summarize them. By the undergraduate level, you will need to carry out a thorough analysis of the case study proving or disproving the theories studied in class. By the doctoral level, you will be able to write your case studies.

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What Is a Case Study?

Before we tell you more about our writing service, you will need to figure out what is a case study. In its essence, it is a thorough analysis of a specific situation through narrowing down a specific field of research into an easily researchable topic. Of course, a simple case study definition is not enough to understand the characteristic features of this assignment. Below, you will find more guidelines on case study design.

Case study design

The case study design is particularly useful for testing scientific models and theories. For instance, you may select a computer model to analyze how the ecosystem of a rock pool works with the help of realistic simulation. The case study design is a particularly helpful instrument for anthropologists, psychologists, social scientists, and other researchers. By using a holistic approach, they find it easier to address various research problems.

Types of Case Study

There are various types of case study in different fields. The case studies applying data analysis that is widely used in scientific fields and academic research are called explanatory. The other type of case studies that is called exploratory aims to explore different issues. The business case studies discuss various business issues and are designed in such a way to attract potential customers. Finally, instrumental case studies use different cases to explain specific phenomena.

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Purpose of Case Study

To succeed in case study writing, you should clearly understand the key purpose of case study. A case study is written to carry out an empirical investigation of some issue, event, policy, decision, person, institution, etc. in a real-life context. Writing such a paper assumes extensive research, as well as a thorough analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data. Besides, one can admit that the main goal of a case study is to make up valuable judgments that allow understanding the topic better. Typically, case study papers begin with theoretical propositions explored in-depth and supported with sufficient evidence, either literature or experimental.

Case Study Method

As for the main characteristics of the case study method, one should mention the following:

  • With the help of this method, the researcher can take a single social unit for his or her study purpose;
  • In a case study, the chosen unit is studied intensively. Typically, a case study explores the natural history of the unit to obtain sufficient information for making correct inferences;
  • In the context of the case study method, the researcher can provide a complete study of the social unit covering all its important perspectives;
  • Under this method, the approach becomes more qualitative. All possible effort is made to collect information regarding different aspects of life. Therefore, one can say that a case deepens the perception and allows having a clear insight into the topic. For instance, when using a case study method, one may analyze not only the crimes that were committed by the person but also his/her motivation behind these crimes;
  • With the help of the case study method, the behavior pattern of the specific unit is studied directly and not by an abstract or indirect approach.

Learn More About Case Study Analysis

A case study analysis is a task that is frequently assigned to students from business schools. According to this task, the student needs to examine and interpret the real-world situation, as well as identify the business problem that is to be solved. To handle this task well, one should understand how does this problem affects business, as well as how the business will benefit when this problem will be solved. When writing a case study paper, the student should come up with a possible solution that will be based on a thorough analysis of the case.

Case Study Format

Following the traditional case study format, this paper should include the following parts:

  1. Executive summary. In this section, you will need to briefly explain what are you going to examine in the case study. You will need to provide a brief overview of the field you are exploring;
  2. Background. Then, you will need to provide your reader with the background information focusing on the most meaningful and relevant facts;
  3. Case evaluation. In the next section of your case study paper, you will need to inform your reader about the areas of the case study you are working with. In other words, you need to tell why something is working or not working;
  4. Proposed solutions. Then, you will need to offer some realistic ways to solve the problem and explain in what way the current situation can be improved. Pay attention that you will need to justify the proposed solution by providing testable evidence;
  5. Conclusion. In the final part of your case study, you will need to summarize the case without introducing new information;
  6. References. If you have used some primary and secondary sources when writing your analysis paper, feel free to add all of them to your reference list.

How to Write a Case Study Paper at a High Level?

To understand how to write a case study, you need to learn more information about case study structure. When working on your paper, you will need to do the following:

  • Read the assigned case thoroughly trying to understand its essence;
  • Focus on the analysis of your case;
  • Find the possible solutions;
  • Choose the best solution and justify your choice.

Below, you will find a detailed description of the main parts of a case study that should be presented in your paper regardless of its topic:

  1. Executive summary/synopsis. When writing this section, you should do the following:
    • Outline the key purpose of your work;
    • Outline the field of research;
    • Provide the main points of the study without focusing too much on detail;
    • Identify the theory that will be used;
    • Note any assumptions made.
  2. Findings. In this section of your case study, you will need to state the problem found in the case. You will need to analyze this problem providing sufficient information, relevant theories, and course concepts.
  3. Discussion. In the discussion part, you will need to summarize the major problems found in the case and identify the alternative solutions briefly analyzing them;
  4. Conclusion. In the concluding part of your case study, you will need to sum up the main points from the discussion and findings section.
  5. Recommendations. When writing the recommendations part, you will need to explain why one of the alternative solutions should be adopted. Then, you will need to justify your choice explaining why your solution is the best choice for solving the specific problem;
  6. References. To avoid plagiarism, you will need to cite all references you have used when writing your paper. To add credibility to your paper, you will need to use the most relevant and authoritative academic sources.
  7. Appendices. If you have any data pertaining to the study, you will need to put it at the end of your paper.

How to write a case study assignment?

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