How to Write Persuasive a 500 Word Essay

Any essay writing, especially a 500-word essay, requires efforts and time. It is extremely important to pay great attention to the preparation stage. A thorough research and collection of the relevant materials are two important steps towards successful outcomes. After this stage, the writer has to prepare an outline and a draft to make the writing process easier.


The best source of information is library. You can find necessary books and journals for your research there. Outline the most important issues of the subject under research and make notes that can be later used as a basis of your work.

The other source of information is Internet. You can find necessary data there. However, it is important to use only reliable sources. Otherwise, your paper can be rejected.

After the information is collected, write an outline. Think about the headings and the number of paragraphs you will include into your paper. You may also add some subheadings where necessary, to make your research more deep and evidence-based. The importance of outline writing is that it helps a writer to create and develop a strong thesis for the paper.

A writer should pay a great attention to the thesis statement writing. It is considered to be one of the most important parts in the writing process, as it sets the tone of the whole paper. Moreover, it gives a general understanding of what you are writing about. The information provided further in the paper revolves around the thesis supporting and explaining it.

Considering thesis statement in combination with your outline notes, start writing down the main idea of the paper. In the future, these ideas will become the basis if your introductory part. Make sure that all your ideas logically lead to the thesis statement at the end of the paragraph. At this stage, the importance of writing an outline is clearly seen. It is caused by the fact that the materials taken from it form the basis of the introductory paragraph.

The following paragraphs of your paper will be more specific compared to the introduction. Each of the following paragraphs of your paper will support the thesis. As a result, it is important to use examples, as well as information that prove the validity of the main ideas represented in the introductory part. These paragraphs will form the main body of your paper. Consequently, they have to represent specific information and evidences supporting your point.

The last part of the paper is traditionally a conclusion. It is always written with the only aim to summarize the findings provided in the paper and, sometimes, to give some recommendations. The statements provided in the paper should also support the thesis statement but they are more generalized.

You should remember that even if the final dot is put in the paper, your work is not finished. Many writers skip the proofreading stage, which is a huge mistake. Proofreading and editing help improve your paper and concentrate on those areas, which may need to be elaborated on.

Also, do not forget to pay additional attention to your reference page and its format.

Additional Tips:

  • If there are some materials that are not allowed to be taken away from the library and that are too big in size to make notes on them, simply make copies, so you could work on them at home.
  • Pay close attention to the instructions from the professor to avoid mistakes.

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