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Coursework Definition

While you may define coursework in a certain way, you may find there is no single coursework definition, especially if you view it from the perspective of a teacher. What is coursework to a teacher? Coursework is an assignment or mechanism that teachers use to monitor the progress of their students to check the effectiveness of lessons.

The coursework definition requires an explanation of what these academic tools are comprised of and what factors give them meaning.

In truth, the coursework definition is comprised of many different elements according to the subject being taken, the educational stage or year of the student, the college being attended, which country, and/or the individual state. 

Different Types of Coursework Explained

There are many types of coursework and the reaction among students is often mixed and varied when they are given certain assignments. Some students feel excited because they see it as an opportunity to make an effort and add something fresh. Others look upon it as unnecessary and onerous and they want to avoid it. There certainly are some rules and guidelines that students should keep in mind when completing coursework. And do not forget that coursework can have a fun side too!

Assignments in the English language are the most usual form of coursework. At the advanced school level, such as GCE level, students should expect to be asked to complete around two 3000-word (total word count) essays. Each of these assignments is worth, at most, 20 marks.

  • Analytical essays: Compare and contest or evaluate three items or separate data sources with some commonality, e.g., factor or theme; multimedia/spoken/written content. Discuss the various uses according to different target audiences. 
  • Original essays with supporting comments: Here, the student is expected to produce one written piece in the prescribed mode (e.g., multimedia/spoken/written). There should be supporting text regarding aspects of the subject/English language.

Coursework assignments in English literature and language are a little different. The basics remain the same, with the individual parts being:

  • Analytical exploration: This means analyzing a given work (e.g. work of literature) and how it relates to the assignment’s overall topic/content. The resulting piece demonstrates the student’s understanding (or lack of understanding) of the original work. Work of this type is graded based on:
  1. Correct terminology and coherence in the student’s writing; 
  2. Evaluation and understanding of the language, form, and structure of the spoken and/or written word; 
  3. Observation of the relationships that exist between different written pieces.
  • Creativity in the student’s writing plus commentary: The student is expected to develop a creative text that mimics the form and style of the work they have evaluated. Provide comments to show how well you understand the work. The aim here is to demonstrate knowledge, competence, and effective language skills to communicate with the intended audience.

Choosing a Topic 

There is no doubt that choosing a topic for an assignment is important. It certainly can mean the difference between success and a failed grade. Our most basic advice on this is to select a topic that you are interested in or one that your professor recommends and then research that topic sufficiently before making your final decision.

A well-chosen topic provides motivation and inspiration while a badly- chosen one can destroy the student’s will to study. The three most common options for selecting a topic are:

  • Choose the topic entirely by yourself 
  • Choose one from a list of possible options 
  • Agree on a topic with your course supervisor.

Choose the field that interests you the most and is related to your course. That advice is the best we can offer on choosing a topic for your coursework. Also, keep these remaining tips in mind:

  1. Look carefully through any topics list that you are offered; 
  2. Choose something that matches your area of expertise and relates to the subject you are studying; 
  3. Choose whichever topic interests you most; 
  4. Find out if there is plenty up-to-date and relevant information available on each topic; 
  5. Select one that you can change, control, and monitor;
  6. Draw on the opinions and ideas of past students and researchers.

Do not forget that the theme you choose can determine the result. Just remember your topic needs to be entirely relevant and offer value in the scientific sense. Choosing an incorrect topic or theme can make later work on it unbearable. Therefore, act wisely in the way you approach this part, and do not hesitate to consult your course supervisor.

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