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What is a Research Paper? Useful Information

You may be asking yourself, “What is a research paper?” These papers are a popular type of academic writing. They require academics and students to find information on a given topic (that means carrying out research), decide their stance on the topic, and offer supporting information (evidence) to back-up their stance. This effort should result in a well-organized paper.

A research paper may also be referred to as an academic article containing findings from original investigative work or the evaluation of investigative work or research undertaken by other scholars. The majority of academic articles are peer-reviewed before being deemed fit to be published in an appropriate academic journal.

Learn More about the Research Paper Structure

Although they are arranged in a way that could be seen as rigid, there is a reason for a specific research paper structure. The rigid structure allows the writer to communicate their thoughts and information logically and it makes the information contained in these papers relatively easy to locate.

The following is a general outline of how to structure a research paper:

  1. Cover or title page;
  2. The abstract;
  3. Introductory section;
  4. Methods and materials;
  5. Findings/results;
  6. Discussion;
  7. Limitations;
  8. Acknowledgement page(s);
  9. Reference list;
  10. Figures and tables.

How to Write a Research Paper: Basic Aspects

For anyone who does not know how to write a research paper, the prospect can prove a daunting one. This guide aims to take you through all the things that are needed to produce a research paper that is impactful and effective.

The following is a useful checklist you can use to ensure your research paper is well-written:

  • Familiarize yourself with the requirements of your assignment: You must understand what it is your professor or teacher requires before you even begin to write a research paper.
  • Choose a suitable topic: Check the instructions or guidelines you were given to assist you in choosing a topic. You may find it helps to choose something you feel passionately. However, there is no need to worry about selecting a perfect topic.
  • Start researching: Here are a few important things to bear in mind when you are conducting research, such as:
  1. Begin by skimming relevant materials;
  2. Identify reliable sources/resources;
  3. Do not ignore information that may be important.
  • Make sure your research is organized: It can help to use the bookmark feature in whichever browser you use to keep track of resources or create a digital reference list or bibliography where you can link identified resources. It may be that you have a preference for printed lists or you may want to write notes on post-it notes or index cards and arrange your paper on a floor or table.
  • Develop your paper’s thesis: Research papers need a central thesis – a brief statement that sets out what it is you are attempting to prove or explain.

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A good place to begin when creating a thesis statement can be to develop an answer of just one sentence in response to the research question. What is the purpose of your research paper i.e. what is it about?

  • Create a research paper outline: The reason for an outline is actually to give your research paper structure. When building your outline, think in a critical way of what you are attempting to communicate or explain and how you might structure your work to ensure it is well-organized and clear. Try creating an introductory and concluding section. What you put in between these sections usually depends on your paper’s contents.
  • Start writing. The time finally arrives to start writing your research paper. You may think it would be best to begin sooner but, we assure you, this preliminary work is very important. It helps to build an interesting, coherent, clear, and strong paper.

It is not necessary to strive for perfectionism in your writing. If you cannot find the perfect title or wording or your grammar is not perfect, do not worry. You should just write for now and you can perfect your words in the editing stage. Also, relying on your thoughts and ideas should prevent plagiarism.

  • Edit your paper’s content: Your research paper must be edited before you submit it. This is when you perfect it as much as possible:
  1. Begin by looking at the content.
  2. Check the wording of your sentences carefully. Have you communicated the points/ideas you intended to?
  3. If your paper needs to be lengthened, avoid adding words randomly and do not repeat previous content. Look at areas that could be expanded or for additional material that is a good fit with your overall paper.

When every change you feel is needed has been made, read your paper over again to make sure everything makes good sense.

  • Edit your paper’s grammar: This is important too. You might find this prospect daunting but you should find there are plenty of resources and tools to help.
  • Read your paper again and submit it: Leave your research paper aside for one or two days and do the final re-reading.  When you have read it one last time and checked again that you have fulfilled all the assignment’s requirements, submit it.

Professional Research Paper Help

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How to order a research paper?

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Different Research Paper Examples

Once you get to know our experts, you are free to look at our research paper examples to see how the paper should be organized.