Climate Change by Morgan Freeman's

Morgan Freeman presents a short but very powerful film on how the present generation has the mandate to create history by either destroying their home or improving it. ‘What’s possible’ was an inspirational presentation made to world leaders at a climate summit to show that climate change has a solution. Modern technology has the capability of harnessing nature for clean energy production. Hence, a better tomorrow is possible only if a drastic action is taken today. In this paper, the objective is to analyze this short film with an aim of making a better world.


The voice behind this captivating film is significantly magical, full of vigor, musical and, above all, divine. The narration begins in a gentle tone by giving a description of how one day there will be a breeze-powered alarm clock, electricity from sun and general ideas of renewable ecology. He proposes ideologies that advocate for harmonious living between humans and environment with reduced climatic problems. What is more, there is a general transformation of life on the planet due to a climate change. As a result, season patterns are changing, temperatures are rising and sea level is reaching life-threatening heights.

Meanwhile, our planet ought to continue supplying the living creatures on it with food, air, and safe habitat. Unless a stiff action is adopted now, both land and water that we depend on for survival will be a nightmare for the future generations. Morgan wittingly uses the question, as a style in literature, “how do we get to that day from where we are today?” to emphasize that things are in a bad state (“Morgan Freeman's Powerful Climate Change Short Film,” n.d.). The film is a wake-up call for all, especially the leaders. If nothing is done today, we are jeopardizing the climate of our children and their generation. Through Freeman’s strong voice, we realize that a climatic change crisis is big, but we equally have everything that is required to change it.

Indeed it takes reasonable amount of intelligence along with a supportive team to produce such a film, in which Morgan Freeman conveys the attitude that “this is our planet.” According to Morgan, we have everything needed to make the world a different place but we lack concerted efforts to do so. In fact, further delay for another tomorrow will continue to make life harder for us because of a rising sea level, toxic living conditions and foods for human, more disease, and death of species. “You can choose today to make a world of difference” (“Morgan Freeman's Powerful Climate Change Short Film,” n.d.). These are effects of global warming, and there is sufficient consensus that it is human-caused with diminishing likelihood for the natural adaptation of the ecosystems.

The majority are afraid of climate change mitigation measures, thinking that is very expensive. However, the action is cheaper than inaction with an overall benefit to the economy, environment, health and improved sustainability. Moreover, Morgan uses images of terrifying flooding scenes and massive hurricanes that traumatize the world and, on the other hand, a magnificent glimpse of the planet that we all desire only by working together. This piece is meant not only to inspire world leaders to action but also impact on every person. As Freeman says, “we have never faced a crisis this big, but we have never had an opportunity to solve it.” (“Morgan Freeman's Powerful Climate Change Short Film,” n.d.)

Morgan Freeman’s short film ‘What’s possible’ is aimed at showing that this is the world what is duly possible. As there are all tools required to realize a clean energy policy tomorrow, the only thing needed is the will and joint efforts. Truly, this is not a dream, but a reality to attain a sustainable and habitable planet.

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