Movie Review: "The Marriage Chronicles"


Arguably, one of the best marriage coaching movies "The Marriage Chronicles" is a film about four couples who seek the services of a marriage counselor to try and work out their marital problems. These problems range from sexual and physical intimacy to money and parenting issues. The movie provides the viewer with suggestions that are made for the various problems that are presented.

The scene that the viewer should look out for is where all the couples are seated together and asked to say what they like and hate about their partners. Some of the issues that are discussed are quite eye-opening. For instance, one man finds out that his wife is not satisfied with their sexual life. This revelation comes as a shock for the man. All the couples find out that they do not connect on all levels. They want to work on their problems to save their marriages.

It is easy to connect personally with this movie. The most common aspect is money. Many families break up because of money problems. With the current state of the economy, the strain put on couples can prove to be too much for them to handle. Therefore, couples need to prepare for their marriage life. In most cases, people get caught up in the excitement of the wedding and forget that there is a whole life to live after the fairy tale. Another pertinent issue that is discussed in the movie is parenting and methods of disciplining children. I will share this knowledge about the need for preparation with my friends and family.

Review to Loma Lipscombe: Discipline

Loma speaks candidly about methods of punishing and disciplining children. I agree that parenting is a major responsibility that adults are accorded by God. Couples have to be united in the quest for raising God-fearing children. While it is hard to hit children, parents should find ways to discipline their children when they go wrong. The Bible condemns violence; hence children should not be recipients of violence in their families.

While spanking might be considered a harsh way of punishing them, children require a tough hand while showing them the path to righteousness. This issue is compared to the aspect of parenting reflected in the movie review. While God gave parents the responsibility of parenting, they should figure out the best way themselves. As a result, they will save their children and their families as well. Happy children make for happy families and hence a lower likelihood of divorce.

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