Analysis of the Film "Shiri"

Shiri is the best South Korean movie produced in 1999. The movie gained credit as the most expensive movie in the history of South Korea. Moreover, the film presents all aspect of the Korean life ranging from minor issues to the vital political problems.

According to the plot of the movie, a North Korean military officer and the soldiers of his unit are not supporting the separation of the two countries. They plan to steal the weapons from South Korea. In the course of the events, there is a shooting scene, but nobody dies. Though love story arises in the movie, it is mostly reduced by the battles and explosions. Therefore, love seems to fade, but it finally overcomes all the obstacles. Moreover, identifying the female assassin is much easier compared to the men. The action coverage is quite professional. The film has storylines expressed in different ways. The film ends on the soccer stadium full of South Korean officials.


The film gives the viewers a couple of moral lessons. The society struggles to stay in cohesion, maintaining peace, love and harmony. The theme of culture is critically analyzed in the film. Korean blockbusters have achieved a lot of success in their country as well as abroad Therefore, Korean movies can also compete with foreign commercial films. The concept of blockbuster is a key term in the whole Korean film industry.

Awareness in the film industry is another aspect of the Korean movies. There exist a lot of Korean film festivals, film magazines and university film programs. Moreover, many Korean films were sold to the North American distributors (Stringer, 2007, p. 58).

Reunification is another theme covered by the film Shiri, which is presented after the collapse between the two subdivisions. Engagement creates cohesion and oneness in a subdivided country. (Stringer, 2007, p. 61) The process involved a huge number of people. Blockbuster gives an ability to understand the value of historical events, which took place in Korea. Moreover, this movie unites people whenever they are because of its uniqueness and authenticity.

The first scene of the Shiri depicts the inhumane nature of people, which leads to the numerous deaths. It is instilled through the murder instincts and training sequence. On the other hand, there are moments, when understanding cannot be reached, and war is the only way out. (Stringer, 2007, p. 63) Political unconsciousness is presented in a form of a socially symbolic act. Political consciousness is achieved by integrating the country’s politics in a right way and electing the leaders wisely. Political unconsciousness leads to poor governance and degradation of the country as a whole.

Comparing the books and the film itself, there should be mentioned some contrasts and comparisons. Both sources present the developing of the Korean film industry, advocating for a united Korea, social cohesiveness and integration of the society into one nation. In addition, political consciousness among citizens is propagandized. However, the books and the film are different in the way they mention the excessive power. The film presents the hardships the country has to go through, while the books predict a much happier outcome.

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