Hospitality Management



The steady growth of the economy has spurred the need for a more robust hospitality industry. The need for conference facilities, tourism management, hotel facilities and transport in the hospitality industry has given me the zeal to undertake a study and organize my own hospitality management portfolio.

Research Plan

I will make a plan in order to come up with goals that will help me achieve my career plan in hospitality. I will do the the feasibility study with the help of the interviews with a few stakeholders in the hotel and tourism industry (Christine 2006). Personal observation and judgment, writing of questionnaires to specific individuals in hotels and other affiliate hospitality supportive industries like transport facilitation will be my research methods. I have also inherited money from my parents who will enable me to start up the hospitality business (Clifford1999). I will locate my business in South Africa since it is among the most gorgeous and technologically vibrant locations in the world with an amazing number of business conferences and a great tourist flow.

After doing the research and getting all the necessary data and organizing it appropriately, there will be a need to bring all the stakeholders together to make an implementation plan (Karen & Bruce 2006). To do a proper survey and get a good location in South Africa, I will need to involve international research companies, banks and the government departments, which need to get proper documentation. I will also assign people on ground to come up with project proposals that will set the pace for time management. The entire program will take a time span of two years for implementation, and during the next three years it would be necessary to make yearly evaluation in order to ascertain the level of achievement. The South African environment provides one of the best starting podiums for any young person or organization in the hospitality industry. The political environment is allowing for a good tourist streaming (Clifford 1999). It is well located with the largest coastline in Africa and well empowered with many cultural centers and sites that are unique and traditional. It provides one of the best reasons to choose it as a destination, and the best location for implementation of this hospitality idea.

Employability Skill Evaluation

The hospitality industry is big and interestingly diverse. I need enough management skills to be abreast with the competitive speed and changes that are witnessed in the industry (Conrad & Alison 2007). I will make sure to complete my studies in Hospitality and tourism management within the first three years. It will indeed equip me with the fine knowledge of tackling the ideas and challenges as they flow in the industry. I will also organize with the best human resource company to search for the best managers, stewards, technologists and a personal assistant who will be up to date with the latest knack of the industry (Danny 2006). I will equip myself with the best marketing skills to learn the current market trends in the world and penetrate the different lucrative market environments to achieve my ultimate goal. The promotion of the hotel will be one of the greatest ideas that will need an aggressive marketing due to the level of standards that have been set in South Africa.

The location will be well researched to create proper access and ample space for all activities that the clients will want (Immanuel 1982). It must be on the beach to bring out the best ambiance and serenity that will attract the same clients again. The pricing will also provide a competitive edge in order to attract as many clients as possible. The construction and interior designs will be exclusive and leaving a mark. The service will be world class and attractive. Transport service department will study on the best transport trends and cars that provide comfort and safety to attract more clients (Jacques 2000). Food and drinks are also among the most critical departments that should be paid attention to. I will tap in my skill deeply to understand who the best person and organization is to give a particular work placement. I will provide leadership to foster the growth agenda and motivate the employees and those in management to work as a compact and well-coordinated machine (James 2014).

My Objectives

The smart principle is paramount for any organization whether small or large. It is through the articulation and arrangement of the points that it is easier to meet the required levels (Gomez et al., 2008). Specific objectives will give me a roadmap that is needed for my success in the hospitality industry. The main goals will be:

  • To build and maintain a world class hotel that gives the very best service.
  • To create hospitality organization with the reputation of good services and employment track record.
  • The hotel should be within the limits of providing transport, food and beverage, entertainment, tour and conference services at the best rate (John 2007).
  • The hotel should also provide a place for people to develop their careers and become professionals in their area of domain.
  • The hotel should be one of the best examples of training institutions in the hospitality industry for their students and graduates to follow keenly in their development and appreciation of the vibrancy in the industry (Steve 1993).

I will allow the growth to be systematical by starting with the hotel and employing fewer people at first. The entry point will be basic, but the growth will be projected to go bigger. The plans and all the services should be within the measurable limits to achieve the required development agenda (Khurana 2010). The number of clients to be reached will be determined during the research stage together with capacities that this business would be able to handle. The specification limits attached to the project and levels of measurability will augment attainability of our objectives. Being steadfast, focused and following keenly through our plan will lead to attainability. Most of the objectives will not be a one-day ride, but the growth of goals will slowly generate to the objective level (Legge et, al., 2006).

The hospitality industry in a country like South Africa is very developed, and the natural environment is very expanded, so that it is easier to venture into such business due to hospitable nature of the people and the government of South Africa. The country enjoys a large number of different wild animals and culture that is unique in the world (Kleiman 2009). South Africa is also cheaper compared to other world destinations, like Hawaii, South Africa and Malaysia putting it at the upper level of the selection as the best business environment. In the end, once all the plans have been laid down, and the business of my career is running within the stipulated time bound, I will keep on re-evaluating and researching more to continue growing it. I also believe, with the achievements above we shall brace ourselves for greater things that will support the environment, the people and the country at large (Kotter  & Dan 2002).

The organization will provide scholarships to interested and qualified students to study hospitality. It will provide finances to the local government to support the protection of the natural environment. It will empower people through workshops and give merit in jobs. It will be important also to develop the environment by coming up with unique structures that will leave a land mark.

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