Kings Resort and Casino


Business Plan

Kings Enterprise, a company in California, has acquired 36.8 acres of land along the Pacific coast. The company plans to develop a luxury concept and build a 5-star international Island Hotel Resort with a casino to be called the Emperor Kings Resort and Casino. It is negotiating with the US government to obtain a gambling license and capitalize on the opportunity. It aims at making the resort and casino a fantasy destination in California if not in the entire USA. It wants to target international visitors and wealthy domestic clientele who are looking forward to an island of paradise of ultimate luxury and seclusion. The company aims to spend a total of 22 million US dollars on the project that is expected to yield an achievable and realistic return of at least 100 million US dollars within a period of 3 years. The sponsor of the project is the Kings Enterprise Company and a part of the US government.


The project involves building of 180 yard luxury hotel units that will contain restaurants, swimming pools, a commercial center with a casino, cinema, bars, shops, golf field, spa, tennis courts, discotheque, conference and meeting rooms and exhibition space with conferencing equipment and security. Other activities that will be included involve the provision of boat trips, horse riding, tennis tournaments and water and sports activities among others. The resort will contain a 156-meter long bridge, two wharves, roads, wastewater treatment plants, parking facilities for at least 70,000 cars, including four helicopters-landing pads provide for high profile business visitors and travelers. The Emperor Kings Resort and Casino will entertain its visitors with live concerts and different themed clubrooms like an American wild party, world’s largest dance floors and hot tub bars (Wong & Fong, 2012).

Name and Logo

The name of the resort is the Emperor Kings Resort and Casino, which will embrace the themes of continental luxury, tropical paradise and Hollywood glamour. The logo of the resort is a cowboy, which invites the visitors to ‘find what the world has not discovered yet’. In the area, there are only a few casino and resorts. The themes of continental luxury, tropical paradise, and Hollywood glamour will help in attracting the customers. They symbolize the quality and diverse services to be offered at the resort. The logo of a cowboy is essential for marketing. The main goal of the casino is provision of a unique nightlife entertainment unlike other existing casinos in the United States at the time. With the unique facilities and themes, the Emperor Kings Casino will be able to attract and serve at least 10 million people in California as well as the entire country (Barberis, 2012).

Mission Statement

The mission of the resort is to be ahead of its competitors, to provide their customers with more activities that are fun, to provide unique multinational food facilities and entertainment facilities based on the themes of continental luxury, tropical paradise, and Hollywood glamour. The Emperor Kings Resort and Casino plans to provide its customers with a unique and exciting entertainment. It plans to provide entertainment of the highest quality and of a wide range of themes. The company is aimed at providing high quality customer service through its highly trained personnel. The company plans to make the resort the leader in entertainment and leisure sphere in the whole US.

The mission statement is very important at the planning stage. It states the company`s goals. It is important for identification of potential customers and for planning of the types of services to be offered as well as ways of achieving the stated goals. It defines the key measures to be taken to make the casino and resort successful. This will be possible through the provision of high quality services, employment of experienced personnel and proper management of services, and unique entertainment effects among others (Wong & Fong, 2012).


The Kings Enterprise has identified the need to provide a unique entertainment and resort facility in California. With its proximity to a number of colleges and universities as well as the Pacific Ocean, the resort hopes to generate good revenue through the provision of entertainment facilities. The vision of the Emperor Kings Resort and Casino is to create an ultimate resort and casino with multinational themes along with dining and sports facilities; to create a unique facility for college students and businesspersons in California, US. The project is expected to yield an achievable and realistic return that is at least 100 million US dollars within a period of 3 years. The vision statement helps in describing the company`s goals and values. The vision statement is very important for providing instruction regarding employee s’ behaviors and providing inspiration. According to the company`s vision a tight control of costs, operations, and cash flow should be maintained through proper management. The resort and casino ought to provide a unique customer experience to give satisfaction as well capitalize on excellent location of the resort and low competition.

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The core values incorporated by the company include customer focus, integrity, teamwork, social responsibility, professionalism, enhanced integrity and trust, employee engagement, customer focus, respect and environmental responsibilities to ensure the provision of high quality services and facilities to the customers. The organization ought to listen to the customers and deliver quality facilities and services in the market as well as contribute to ensure a safe, secure, and supportive work environment. This is important for the casino and resort to ensure agility, growth, innovation, and excellence of the business in order to attract a high number of customers. This helps in building trust and strong relationship with the customers, thus retaining old customers and attracting new ones (Barberis, 2012).

Management and Staffing Structure

Appropriate management and staffing are essential in ensuring success and achievement of the organization`s goals and objectives as outlined in the mission and vision statements. The Emperor Kings Resort and Casino will have a similar structure as other casinos. The organization will stress on the importance of customers` security as well as on creation of a unique customer entertainment enterprise. The resort will have a number of managers in the organizational structure. The Emperor Kings Resort and Casino will employ five managers: general manager, marketing and advertising manager, human resource manager, security manager and financial operations manager. The resort will employ part and full time employees among which security guards (30-45), waiters (30-40), kitchen staff (20), bartenders (25), back office staff (15), housekeepers (20), Dj`s (10), hosts (10), computer operators (5) and 1 additional employer to cover shortages (Carlson & Connerley, 2003).

The general manager will be responsible for the overall business operations and will deal with such issues as sales, human resource allocation, marketing and finance and security issues among the others. The manager is expected to have a wide range of personal and management skills in order to lead the casino and resort as to attain success. The marketing and advertising manager will be under the authority of the general manager. The main responsibilities of the marketing and advertising manager is to set sales and marketing strategies as to ensure that the business attracts a high number of customers. He/she will be responsible for selecting channels of advertisement, setting sales revenue, creating marketing goals, promotional plans, managing the sales and marketing team etc.

The organization will also employ the human resource manager whose responsibility will be to select and recruit employees to provide services to customers. The human resource department ought to be responsible for the daily business administration and problem resolution among the employees and customers. The department will have the responsibility of creation of policies that will make the resort and casino a better place as well as of performance of daily administrative tasks. It will also provide various trainings and courses to enhance quality of services provided to customers (Barberis, 2012).

The financial operations manager will be responsible for financing, accounting and management of the company’s expenses and revenues. The financial department ought to create policies to reduce the operational costs to a minimum in order to increase the revenue of the business. The financial manager will carry out tasks of counting of daily profits from various revenue streams, tracking daily operational profits and expenses, calculating inventory expenses, and projecting advertising expenses. The main tasks of the security manager will be maintenance of a safe environment that will be secure for people. The manager will have a responsibility to manage the security personnel and ensure that various technologies are implemented to enhance safety at the resort (Wan, 2010).

The Emperor Kings Resort and Casino

Marketing and Advertising department Human resource department Security department Financial operations department

Manager Manager Manager

10 Djs 30-40 waiters 30-45 security guards 15 accounting staff

10 host staff 20 kitchen staff 1-IT staff 2-IT staff

2 IT staff 25 bartenders

20 cleaning staff

Human Resource Section

The HR department manager has to know and categorize the total number of people required in the casino. The HR department has to have a human resource plan where it will seek to specify all the details of the recruitment program. The department drafts a comprehensive job specification detailing all the activities and the job positions available. The job description describing should be also included. It lists the major and minor responsibilities of the vacant positions being advertised. Also, the job description specifies the type of skills, experience and qualifications needed, types and amount of payment and any special conditions related to a job such as whether employees will be hired temporarily or permanently etc. In the process of seeking for new employees, the Emperor Resort Casino will advertise its vacant positions using several means of print media such as newspapers (Wong & Fong, 2012).

The management also reviews other alternative applicants inside and outside the company. After advertisement, the applicants are assessed, and choices are made to select the ones who best fit the available positions. Candidates` skills are compared to a job requirement to find out whether they are best suited for the job. The policies of the casino resort define the scope of employees` training and development activities. It is essential and important to provide training to new employees who are recruited to bridge the gap between what the employees already know and what they should know about the casino resort. The management then initiates a systematic training of employees. The amount and type of compensation of every employee depends on his/her job. The compensation varies among the employees as the managers are expected to earn much higher salary as compared to other staff members (Carlson & Connerley, 2003).

Casino Marketing

The Emperor Kings Resort and Casino utilizes marketing strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition in the area. The casino and the resort have a variety of loyalty programs. The casino provides an individual with a player card when he/she becomes a member of the casino. Membership is free, but once an individual becomes a member he/she has a right to enjoy many benefits that are provided by the company. Once an individual becomes a member, he/she enjoys reduced prices when gambling (Bansal, Mendelson, & Sharma, 2001). The individual also has a privilege to enjoy a variety of services such as free drinks occasionally and as well as quality services of the resort. A majority of customers will want to become members of the club in order to enjoy many benefits. The target of the Emperor Kings Resort and Casino is to create an ultimate resort and casino with multinational themes along with dining and sports facilities; to create a unique facility for college students and business executives in California, the United States.

The major target of the casino are college and university students, rich business executives, middle aged and aged males who reside in California and other parts of the country. The main strategy of the casino is to provide the best entertainment in the world. This is by the provision of hotel units that will contain restaurants, swimming pools, a commercial center with a casino, cinemas, bars, shops, a golf course, a spa, a tennis court, discotheque, conference and meeting rooms and exhibition space. Other activities provided include horse riding, boat trips, tennis tournaments, and water and sports activities. This ensures that the resort and the casino will attract the required number of customers. Live concerts, rock concerts, hip-hop concerts, ozone music entertainment, as well as different types of food provided help in creating a strong brand for the casino and resort. The management stresses on the needs of keeping the administrative costs down at the same time providing high quality services and products (Barwise & Farley, 2004).

External Marketing

The company will adopt a number of marketing techniques and strategies as well as tactics to attract the target market. The resort and casino will provide buses that will carry individuals from colleges, malls, and sports venues to the entertainment resort. This is important in promoting the resort and its facility and targeting the mass market of California and the United States. The main marketing strategy of the resort involves promotional pricing provided to college students to entry the resort. Media advertisement will employ quality advertisements on TV to attract students, singles, and tourists. Different advertisements will be also shown in business and lifestyle magazines providing interesting information regarding the entertainment resort.

Newspaper advertisements will be placed in local and national newspapers to help in creating the brand image. Billboards, advertisements, and radio ads will be helpful in marketing of the services provided by the casino. Banners will be available during sports venues and major school leagues to create awareness among the students. Flyers and leaflets will include high quality pictures of various entertainment themes to be provided to the residents of California. The resort also intends to introduce monthly and yearly membership prices that are lower than regular prices to promote repeated customer visits (Churinske et al, 2010).


The casino and resort will use technology in a number of ways. The security department will be involved in the use of a closed-circuit television (CCTV) to enhance security. For advertisement modern sound systems, DJs, bands, radio and TV, magazines and newspapers will be also used in order to create awareness of the resort and casino facilities among the potential clients (Wong & Fong, 2012).


The casino and resort facility ought to be considered as part of the hospitality industry. The Emperor Kings Resort and Casino will provide a number of employment opportunities to the residents of California thus reduce the rate of unemployment. It is a main source of revenue through taxation to the government, and it provides an avenue where residents relax and enjoy their free time thus it is a place of recreation and entertainment. The casino and resort will be a place where people can hang out and socialize. The resort and casino will provide a cool environment where families and friends can hang out to enjoy themselves. However, the activities accommodated by a casino are not ethically accepted. Many members of the society consider a casino as an evil place and their thoughts ought to be collected as modern casinos are ethically accepted. The project will be a vast undertaking that will require an extensive start-up funding, but will pay off well in a short period thus it will be a very successful enterprise.

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