Reflective Report



The purpose of this paper will be for me to analyze and reflect on my first year at Brighton Business School and look at how I have developed as a student. It will be focusing on my life as a student with respect to the views of theorists such as David Kolb (1995) to analyze how I fit in their models. I will further look at the new ideas, which I dint have before and make good use of them. I will also look at the major events that occur during my first year; I will sum up all the views in the conclusion part of my essay.

Development Since Commencing the Course

I am a first year studying Business and Management with marketing; I joined the business to pursue this course becomes I it is the best one for me. I am a student who has been always sluggish in my movements and rarely do I undertake my course work on time; there was a rumor that at undergraduate level students have more freedom. In my previous school, we were always on a strict schedule since the school administrators appreciated punctuality.

Things are totally different here since nobody rings the bell like in the high school; no body wakes up others nor are they required to follow the school routine. I have realized that it is highly vital to manage my time usefully. Nowadays, I normally wake up every morning and plan my daily activities. Am always working at my own schedule unlike in high school where somebody pushes around.

After a short while in the business school, the lecturers asked us to form seminar groups; these are the groups that are helpful to students. We always meet to share ideas and expand knowledge; we do so by discussing the coursework and tacking group assignments.

Before I started pursuing my degree course, I was extremely shy to the extent that I could not talk in front of people, especially strangers. I could keep my ideas to myself not knowing how effective they might be.

As we continued with group meetings, my level of shyness reduced day by day. At one, time, I challenged the leader about how we should present the information. This is not my usual behavior. I’m usually shying in groups. To my surprise, I suddenly was bold. I was able to gain confidence to do this because the group was so friendly and supportive. This is something I need to consider as a member of any group, but especially as a leader; you get the best out of people in friendly surrounding.

My contribution in Business project is always helpful to members; I am putting in more efforts during presentations than I initially thought. My encounter with such a supportive group of members has killed my shyness completely.

Choosing PR Company in Hong Kong

I chose to work for the PR & Marketing in Hong Kong. This was the company of my dreams, which could have, been able to expand on my management and marketing knowledge that I had gathered for the time being.

The other reason as to why I felt the motivation to join this firm, is due to its fame in Hong Kong in helping many world famous brands organize events. I was sure of working with the best group of employees who could sharpen my marketing skills.

I also decided to work for a company based in Hong Kong simply because my sister is working at one of the companies there, and she is my role model. I thought that being close to her could help in uplifting my corporate skills. I like making new friends and Hong Kong, as I thought could have given me a chance to achieve the goal.

The Development Center

The school has a career development center where first year students go through interviewing procedures by the fourth years. This helps in assessing their strengths and weaknesses. The center established that my presentation is more competent and that my organization is good, I achieved a rating of 3 out 5. This is a satisfactory measure for a first year student.

My level of creativity during the interviews was 3 out of 5. This is because I displayed most of the important positive characteristics for creativity in an interview scenario.The development center analyzed my level of confidence; I have a score of 3 point out of 5. This score is because most of the fist years tend to shy away from individual presentation, unlike me who gained enough courage to face the panel.

I scored 2 points in collaboration and communication; the panel observed that I was not vocal in expressing my opinions and arguments. The panel also observed that my communication was particularly little. I have to work on those two areas vigorously so as to enhance my skills in the future.

According to Johns (2004), my goal of securing a job at PR job can be boosted by the fact that my level of organization during interviews is superb. I always prepare well before interviews; this puts me in a driving seat to get my dream job.

I am a particularly creative individual; I can easily match the quality and accuracy of answers to interview questions. My level of confidence is high; this can help me to express myself fluently and keep an eye contact with the interview panel.The above strengths can put me in a pole position of securing my dream job since only few first year students can match such skills.


This review is about a reflective report; this is the report that portrays the flow of events and experiences that I undergo as a first year student in a business school. The experiences help me to realize the reality of the matter; helps me to overcome shyness, become a good time manager, now how to face interview panel and finally, it prepares me for my dream job.

According to Schon (1991), first year events are so critical in my academic life. It shall assist me to become a better person since it is going to be the foundation of all the remaining years. Am always going to reflect on my experiences; the weaknesses that the panel observes in me are going to be a stepping stone as I aim at reaching my destination.

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