High Society on Upper Fifth Avenue, 1880-1914


Irish Home Rule

The Federal Trade Commission was systematized following the Federal Trade Commission Act in 1914. Its main duty was the endorsement of “customer protection” and the abolition as well as prevention of what watchdogs perceived to be “anti-competitive” corporation practices. One of its responsibilities was to put into effect antitrust laws. The British Congress passes Irish Home Rule, although the start of World War I prevented it from having an effect. It had been made to submit autonomy degree to that particular state in the British Empire bounds. In 1870, the longing for home law had started with the Home Rule League or Home Government Association, which was conducted via the un-Irish sounding Charles Parnell and Isaac Butt. Their calls for denominal learning system and land reform were stymied, furthermore, the law was not passed until September, 1914.


World War I started in 1914. The motives for it were formed by Italy’s Triple Alliance and Austria-Hungary, Germany, Entente Cordiale and Franco-Russian being quite conflicting to the other states’ expanding empires. The situation of Dardanelle was continuing, and the Crisis of Balkan had made the Austria-Hungary redefine its terrains’ borders. The spark was ignited during the visit of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to Sarajevo, when he and his wife were both murdered by ‘Young Bosnia’ member. While groundless, the Austrian-Hungarians indicted Serbia of involvement in the slaughters, and ordered the dismemberment of the country. Even though there were several arbitration and diplomatic moves, Austria-Hungary had affirmed combat on Serbia, which led to the mobilization of Allied forces. The Panama Canal which took thirty four years to construct from 1880-1914 (and cost more than 27,000 employees their lives) and opened in 1914, offered a shipping connection from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The former Lenox Library site was completed in 1914, including the East 71st to 70th avenue block all along Fifth Avenue. Without a doubt, this free standing residence was the most impressive.

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