Mediation and Advocacy



Mediation and advocacy are essential means of preventing conflicts, settling arguments and disputes in the modern world. Various people resort to these means in order to improve relationship and make it more pleasant. There are three organizations which depict mediation and advocacy as useful and effective ways of avoiding conflicts. Moreover, all three organizations show ways of analyzing the relationships between individuals. One has to take into account that there are many social groups that use mediation and advocacy (businessmen, children with disabilities, farmers, etc.) The latter underlines the necessity of the mediation work. Having succeeded in avoiding conflicts and settling various kinds of arguments, an individual becomes fully adapted to the modern world and finds it easy to communicate with other individuals surrounding him.

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Mediation and Advocacy

Founded by Dr. Frank Hanna and Nancy Peterson, the Mediation Agency is one of the most famous agencies of the kind. It uses mediation as a method of resolving conflicts between two or more parties in different ways, involving negotiation and settling the conflicts. The process allows many individuals to save their time and finances in comparison with settling conflicts in the court. The process of mediation may be convenient for workplace disputes as well as legal, community, diplomatic and family matters. When it is next to impossible to reach a decent agreement between certain parties, mediation experts do their best to reconcile hostile parties. Often they succeed at mediation based on open mind and clear expression. According to experts in mediation, there are other services and advantages that the Mediation Agency provides. They are networking through communication and building further social relationship between individuals, namely negotiation and compromise. The major areas of interest of the agency are council housing mediation, community disputes, personal injury, commercial, corporate, employment, peer mediation, elder care mediation (ageing decision conflict), family & divorce and healthcare issues. It is obvious that various kinds of people benefit from contacting The Mediation Agency. Networking and search for the best possible solution in all these cases is vital for the best client servicing. With its highly trained staff in the City of Phoenix, the Mediation Agency is very popular in the U.S. Being able to resolve a dispute in a quiet and satisfactory way people become contented because it allows them to avoid many unpleasant moments and situations.

Utah Agricultural Mediation Program

Nowadays a lot of individuals are familiar with the notion of mediation. However, there are still certain social groups who find it hard to adapt to the concept of mediation and use it in everyday life. It takes some time for people to understand that it is incredibly easy to settle their disputes, disagreements and misunderstandings with the help of mediation and advocacy. The state of Utah was among the first states which adopted the notion of mediation. It signed the Agricultural Credit Act in 1987 and made mediation service available to its citizens. Kyle Stephens is the owner of the agency. He is also the Treasurer for the Agriculture in the Classroom Program. The Utah Agricultural Mediation Program (UAMP) provides various types of services, among which are definition of various issues and search for ways of solving them as well as stating common goals, keeping negotiations, developing the options and fault-finding. As the outcome of the all above mentioned techniques are the benefits of mediation. Among these benefits are discussions of complex issues on a confidential forum, solution finding by different parties, building strong working relationship with other people, involved parties decision making, and rural economies stability through mediation support.

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The program gained huge popularity ever since it had been first adopted and published. In 1990s, the program was pretty much improved. The government spent a huge amount of finances on making it available to farmers, rural citizens and villagers. In 2006, the U.S. spent over 4 million dollars on explaining the tactics and methods of the whole mediation system. It was further reported that the system became popular in certain states such as Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wyoming and many others. Mediation is a term that is easily adopted by farmers and used in their everyday life.

Use of Mediation Under the Americans with Disabilities

Mediation process mostly involves voluntary willingness to participate in conflicts, resolve them and find a correct solution to every problem. Often the activity of the following organizations touches upon children with disabilities. Taking into account their difficulties to adapt to the activity of the modern world, it would be vital to point out that today many children are in desperate need for help and caring. Every single process of mediation is a unique process. The organization provides the following services: coordinates the mediation program of the organization with other similar organizations, reviews and evaluates all the tactics and methods of the organization, considers various ADR techniques such as alternative dispute resolution. Also along with the departments of Justice, Transportation and Federal Communications Commission, the organization is trying to come up with universal realization of the program. Socializing with children makes it easy to understand what they like the most and allows to take a look at their inside world. The Americans with Disabilities Act allowed young children and certain grown-ups to develop with the help of the mediation process. The research of the efficiency of mediation has been carried out. It showed the vitality of the technique and its use for community. The design program is aimed at improving the conditions for children with disabilities at the centers. Every year they are tested on the issue of the program’s effect in order to elicit how well the program helped them and whether there are improvements in the way the children communicate, interact and socially adapt to the community. In most cases, the program is proved to be successful and approved by both staff and children themselves.

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