Mathematics and Computer Course

The choice of Computing and Mathematics university course was a great one in my educational career. This is because this course is not only important in my academic growth; it also provides high several career opportunities. The global technological challenges call for technical computing and mathematics skills to develop high technology products that will keep pace with the emerging technological challenges. Computer and Mathematics course arouse my interest. The importance of taking such courses includes an opportunity of a wide career choice and general widening of my creativity and thinking capacities. This paper takes a critical and succinct analysis of Computer and Mathematics courses, which further highlight critical academic growth of an individual.


SWOT Analysis of the Mathematics and Computer Course

Strength: The course focuses on both practical and theoretical applications of computers in everyday life. It gives a lot of opportunities to students to establish insightful understanding of the basics of mathematics. In addition, it helps an individual to gain expertise knowledge in mathematics application in developing computer solutions in management, investment, and statistical analysis. It also provides an opportunity for students to gain a practical knowledge on the use of computers. The course also provides an in-depth understanding of the scope of the application of computers in other subjects. The first two years of the course are designed to acquire a firm foundation in the core topics of mathematics and computer subjects, after which a student is allowed to choose options from an array of Mathematics and Computer Science subjects. This makes the course to be competitive and insightful to both learners and educators.

Weakness: The cause has no notable weakness in both its design and applicability of Computing and Mathematics.

Opportunities: Computer and Mathematics gives preparation in rational thought and expression, and it is a great training for many careers. Available research finding stipulates that 30% of Mathematics and Computer Science graduates find jobs as software and hardware professionals. They are also involved in research, finance and investment analysis. This underscores the importance of Computer and Mathematics in the society.

Threats: Technological advancement in computer application may make some aspects of the course null and void. In this regard, Computer and Mathematics university courses need to continuously grow with the development of technology.

Stages of Learning

Computer and Mathematics can be done for three years, which leads to the award of a BA degree. Similarly, it can be done in four years, which leads to the award of Master of Mathematics and Computer Science. The fourth year of Computer and Mathematics gives students an opportunity to learn advanced topics in both Mathematics and Computing. This provides a practical knowledge, which very important.

First Year

Courses studied

Mathematics core that caters for (50%)

  • Algebra and algebraic expressions
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Calculus and computer applications
  • Probability and computing models

Computer science core that caters for (50%)

  • Computer functional programming
  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Imperative programming

Second Year

Courses studied

Computer science which caters for (50%)

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Concurrency in computer
  • Computation models
  • Computer Logic and proof

Mathematics core which caters for (25%)

  • Three options of Algebra, complex analysis, metric space and differential equations

Third Year

Courses studied

Options can be chosen from:

  • Reasoning about information update Intelligent computing systems Computational complexities
  • Mathematics topics, such as Number theory and Communication theory
  • Computer and computing security Computing technology

Fourth Year

Courses studied

Options are chosen from the list below:

  • Options in Mathematics
  • Options in Computer Science, which include: Computer animation Information retrieval process
  • Computational linguistics Program analysis Theory of data and data analysis Quantum computer knowledge
  • An optional project work

Teachers’ Contribution to my Growth

Teachers have helped me a lot in developing my career since I started attending school. In the K-12 system of education, teachers helped me in building interest in mathematics and computer through relevant educational programmes whose application reflect the 21st century challenges. The teachers were helpful in not only guiding me through the subjects, but also in developing my critical thinking and communication skills along with my creativity. They understood that the future of technology and innovation mainly lie in Mathematics and Computer, and as such, directed me accordingly.

The teachers helped me to develop interest in the course, and I felt encouraged to do relevant Mathematics that would be of the future benefit to me. In school, education programme also helped the disadvantaged students to have same opportunities. The initiatives included the development of programmes that increase mastery of the English language to benefit the Limited English Proficient students. Moreover, the institution had sponsorship programme for the less advantaged students to pursue their education. Though I never lacked school fees, this initiative gave me a piece of mind, and I did not worry about fee in my entire educational life. I am grateful that the teachers helped, advised, and directed me accordingly to become a Mathematics and Computing student at the institution of higher learning.

Cornell Method

I have used and developed my note-taking system because it is a vital skill required in any note-taking exercise. It is an established fact that clever students miss 40% of main the lecture and freshmen miss 90% of the same. In order to avoid these worrying statistics, I made a choice to practice and use the Cornell note-taking skill. This is an organised way of taking notes. The main page of a book or note-taking material is divided into three sections: the paragraph summary, summary, and main notes column sections.

The note-taking method is effective as it has made me master the main teaching points. Just like the method recommends, I take and revise my notes within 24 hours so that the points stick in the brain. The Cornell method of note-taking is significant to students who take technical courses as it necessitates easy mastery of key concepts. The method helps in avoiding boredom in class as I remain active when developing the summary and paragraph summary sections from the main lecture frame. With the perfection of the Cornell note-taking method, I believe, I will be able to avoid the students’ challenge of note-taking.

Stressors and Solutions

There are five main stressors that can distract a leaner from concentrating in class activities in an academic environment. They include:

Environment, which refers to small classroom, weather condition in the institution, stressful learning conditions. Though some environmental factors are natural, I always find an ideal environment that will relax my mind during studies. The University of Oxford is situated in a serene environment that encourages learning. The institution has minimised interactions to learning, which is of benefit to me as a student.

Dietary: emanates from taking poor diets and worrying about what to eat. The institution offers dietary meals at the cafeterias. I have tried my best to avoid taking junk foods in favour of proper and nutritious meals. Besides, the institution has modern gymnasium where I do exercises on a regular basis.

Health: students’ ability to learn can be significantly reduced due to chronic illnesses, pains, and inflammation. My academic life has never been affected by major health problems; hence the continuity and timely learning process.

Lack of sleep is another stressor that affects students, and it may be brought about by health issues, irritability, and exam phobia. The Cornell method helps me grasp learning activities in class. I finish my assignments in time and prepare for my exams early to avoid the last minute tension, which may cause the lack of sleep when examinations are just about to begin.

Emotions may affect student-lecturer interactions. The mind test that I undertook revealed that I am a left brain dominant person; hence emotions are difficult to comprehend. Nonetheless, I have learnt how to respect my educators and take in what I was told. Avoiding emotions in a classroom environment is easy; I only take the necessary response measure to cool my emotions should it happen.


Computer and Mathematics are very important university courses in the current global environment. A critical analysis of the course indicates that it provides a wide knowledge and skills while offering several job opportunities. I find the course very important in my academic and future career. This course provides an opportunity to gain an appreciation of mathematical concepts with the computer knowledge. Mathematics is a critical intellectual tool in Computer course, but the latter is progressively used as a pivotal component in mathematical analysis and problem solving. Therefore, it is prudent to note that Computer science and Mathematics university course plays an important role in the both academics and industrial problem solving.

Appendix 1: My Recollection on the Paper

The writing of this paper has been really helpful to me. This is because it has made me reminisce on my past academic path, now that I am at another level. This is a recollection of my past, present; and t will probably develop my future plans. I may have forgotten about the Cornell method of study; but after writing this paper, I have recalled the significance of the note-taking method now that I am at a higher level in developing my career. I have also learnt what Mathematics and Computer course at the university requires from the first to the fourth year. This will enable me to plan on what courses to specialise in the third and fourth year of study. In the meantime, I know what modules to take for future specialisation (Algebra, Statistics, and Study Skills). That was a good experience to me.

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