Amazon and Quality of the Strategic Analysis


Introduction, Inc. is the most popular electronic commerce company in the United States. Jeff Bezos started the company in 1994, and it went online in 1995. The company has different retail websites for American, European, and Asian countries. The following paper analyses the activity of the company., It also describes Amazon’s business optimization strategies, communication methods, and goods delivery systems. started its business as an online bookstore. It sold various books for readers of different levels. Soon, the company got immense popularity in the United States, and it started selling CDs, DVDs, MP3s, software, food, toys, furniture, and other household items. Besides, the company produces different consumer electronic electronics and gadgets, such as Amazon tablets, e-books, phones, and TVs., It is also popular for cloud computing services. Moreover, Amazon has international shipping facilities that offer the delivery of goods for a reasonable price and within a shorter period of time. Currently, Amazon is considered the largest internet company in the world (Forbes, n.d.).


Currently,, Inc. provides worldwide services via the internet. The company works with four basic customer sets. They are consumers, enterprises, content creators, and sellers. Moreover, Amazon is involved in promotion and marketing services. For example, it provides advertising services for multinational companies. Also, it co-brands credit card agreements. Amazon’s retail websites guide people to select goods for reasonable price and value. The company website developers designed the site in a specific way so that it helped companies and third-party sellers offer their products at different categories and prices. Besides, the company manufactures and sells different gadgets and electronics at the lowest possible price. Amazon uses free shipping and everyday product pricing policies for most of the products that help people to get goods at a reasonable price (Forbes, n.d.).

Optimization Strategies, Inc. uses different optimization strategies to support its consumers and stakeholders. The company management team uses several beneficial techniques and policies to help individual consumers and enterprises to develop their business. At the same time, it helps the company to increase its financial growth. For example, the stakeholders can get extra benefits from becoming members of Amazon Prime. Besides, some of Amazon’s programs allow sellers to offer their goods using fixed transaction fees. Also, the sellers can use per-unit activity fees or different revenue fees. Such diverse selling opportunities help different companies to get benefits from Amazon’s website. Furthermore, Amazon web services guide enterprises and developers to optimize their business by using the technological infrastructure. Amazon’s updated technology helps virtual business organizations to grow within a short period of time. The company uses two operating segments. They are North America Amazon service and international services. The North American Amazon segment focuses on North-American Amazon websites, such as and These websites provide retail sales services of consumer products in North America. Similarly, the international Amazon website focuses on retail sales overseas. Also, the company launched separate retail websites in dozens of developed and developing countries, such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, and China. The Amazon international sales segment is responsible for the export sales and international transportation services in different parts of the world. The company designed low price export and transportation methods that help international consumers and sellers to get benefits from Amazon products. Thus, the company develops and optimizes its business all over the world (Johnson, 2010).

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Communication Methods

Amazon provides the latest communication technologies to support its consumers. It uses digital customer service methods that help the customers to get updated reports of their goods. Currently, Amazon provides its customers with email and text messaging services that guide people to track their orders. Moreover, Amazon's 24/7 online transaction services help international customers to choose different products at any time. Amazon's communication service helps customers to avoid physical shopping experiences. It allows consumers to choose goods in an efficient way saving time and money. Furthermore, Amazon's e-commerce services guide online shoppers to get a low price and free shipping facilities with sustainable product quality. It uses a toll-free customer communicating service which makes the communication with the service providers more effective. Amazon's customer service department provides friendly services at any time. The customers can learn more about the goods by communicating with the Amazon customer care team. Besides, the company introduces different communication policies that help buyers, sellers, and other participants to get the latest information about the price of the product. For example, Buyer-Seller Messaging Service provides communication between buyers and sellers. The messaging service guides buyers to get an affordable price for a product. On the other hand, sellers can get efficient values of their products by selling them on a large scale. The company maintains the records of the stakeholders. Thus, the sellers cannot cheat or sell defective products to the clients. Thus, Amazon's communication services help the stakeholders to increase their business and benefits (Goodfellow, 2012).

Customer Value

Customer value is an important part of the e-commerce business. Customer care and satisfaction help companies to increase their benefits. Hence, Amazon provides excellent customer care to its consumers. The company registers customers’ addresses including the email and contact number in their database system. The approach helps the company to provide time-to-time notifications to their customers. Customers can get excellent service for their investment in Amazon. The company gives special preference to Amazon Prime customers. Hence, the companies and individual consumers can get good benefits from collaborating with Amazon. Moreover, the company applies different updated tracking facilities that improve customer care. For example, a customer can get information about their orders during the transportation process through the Amazon tracking system. It provides time-to-time text messages and emails that give detailed information about upcoming products and their locations. Amazon provides fast, easy, and efficient delivery services to customers. The company is popular for its hassle-free service and free shipping policies. It uses the latest technologies to deliver its products in time. Customers can choose various delivery options, such as free delivery, first-class delivery, one-day delivery, and express delivery services. Besides, it provides self-service delivery options, which let the customers check and receive their products from respective Amazon lockers (Goodfellow, 2012).

Currently, the company is trying to develop its customer values and delivery services by using the latest robotics service. Such services can develop the relationship between the company and its stakeholders. Also, it will improve consumer values. For example, recently, Amazon tested Amazon Prime Air drones. Experts believe that shortly Amazon drones will carry goods from warehouses to the customers’ houses within a very short period of time. In the future, these drones will reduce transportation expenses. Also, it will help the consumers from remote areas to get their products much faster. Amazon is planning to introduce the service called Amazon Prime Air. The company has already launched commercials and performed official testing of Prime Air (BBC News, 2013).


In conclusion, it should be emphasized that, Inc. is one of the best e-commerce companies in the world. The company started its service in 1994 as an online bookstore and developed its service rapidly. The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, understood the benefits of e-commerce and introduced several new reasonably priced products to the online shop. Thus, the company became popular in the United States and later in different parts of the world. Currently, Amazon has dozens of websites in different countries that help consumers, sellers, and stakeholders to increase their business and benefits. The company sells and advertises a variety of goods for multinational companies. Also, it produces different gadgets and electronics, which have reasonable prices and are sold via various Amazon sites. The company uses excellent optimization strategies. These strategies guide enterprises and other consumers to get good benefits. Moreover, Amazon provides the latest communication and customer delivery methods that help its customers to get their products within a short period of time. Thus, the company provides services all over the world.

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