Experienced Preparation Case Study Paper

Analyze the task you are going to do

  • Outline key points
  • write down necessary information 
  • look for reliable facts

Focus on specific problem

  • Do not concentrate on all problems is a specific sphere. Choose one or two the most urgent instead;
  • Explain why they occurred;
  • Identify their influence on the organization;
  • Find out who stands behind the problems.

Think about possible solutions

  • Look for some reliable information
  • relevant readings
  • make an outside search
  • take examples from your own experience

Choose solutions that suit best choose such solution, which can be supported by different facts, evidences. Evaluate how difficult it will be to realize the solution.

5 Steps about Draft for the Case Analysis Paper

As soon as all necessary data are gathered, you can start your work from writing a draft of your analysis. It includes the following steps:

Step 1: Introduction

  • Outline the chosen problems and issues connected to them;
  • Clearly formulate thesis statement, which has to summarize the results of your analysis.

Step 2: Describe the background

  • Provide necessary background information on the case. Use relevant facts and outline the most essential issues;
  • Show that you know what you are writing about, as you have researched the given question.

Step 3: Alternatives

  • Provide information on possible alternatives;
  • Provide your understanding of why they are not possible/recommended to implement;
  • Give reasons;
  • Explain why these alternatives cannot be implemented at the current stage.

Step 4: Solutions

  • Provide your solutions to this problem;
  • Explain why your solution is the best one;
  • Support it with facts and evidences;
  • Use materials from class (lectures, notes readings, etc).
  • Give examples of personal experience.

Step 5: Recommendations

  • Propose your strategies, which can be used for making the implementation of the chosen solution possible;
  • Recommend actions to solve some issues that may occur;
  • Say what is important to be done and who can do it.

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A case study is a kind of activity, which requires from its writer to investigate problems connected with a business sphere, look for and offer the most effective solutions to the problem. With the help of the following guidelines, you will understand how to complete your assignment better and reach maximum result.