Refund or money back policy and several guarantees from when you purchase essay papers

Our refund policy can be separated into two parts:

  • Option one applies before you approve the preview edition of your custom paper.
  • Option two applies after you approve the essay paper we deliver.

With either option, if you are an EU citizen and have paid VAT on your order, you will not get the VAT back with your refund. You will only receive the order price before VAT or a percentage of the total cost as described in the Pricing Policy of our website. VAT is not refundable by law.   

Before you approve any essay paper you buy:

We will issue a full refund where:

  • A payment error occurred e.g. you placed a duplicate order or you mistakenly paid twice, and so on.
  • Our online writing company failed to identify a writer suitable for fulfilling your order.
  • You no longer need the written work because we did not deliver it by the deadline you set and it has now expired. In these circumstances, where you haven't received a written work, you are not entitled to make use of any materials we have already provided in relation to this order. However, this does not include revisions.       

We will refund 70% of the purchase price where:

  • You place an order to purchase essay papers and we allocate a writer, but half the deadline has already expired. In such cases, because a writer has already begun working on your order, he/she will have to be remunerated.   

We will refund 50% of the purchase price where:

  • We have allocated a writer to your assignment and over 50% of the deadline has expired.
  • Our company fails to identify a writer to revise any custom essay paper you bought.

In the event we are late delivering your paper, we provide a revised price for the order based on the time frame in which we completed the paper and sent it to you. So, for instance, if you order an essay with an eight hour time frame for completion, but it takes us twelve hours to complete the work, we will refund the difference between the payments. Where revisions are concerned, this is not applicable.   

You should note that we give you two weeks to approve all the written essays you buy from us online. We begin an automatic calculation of this time from the minute the final paper is uploaded in your personal account area and the deadline has expired. Once the two week period has elapsed, the work or partial work is automatically approved.

Should you feel dissatisfied with the standard of our work, you can ask us to revise the paper free of charge, or ask for a different writer. You may change the status of your order to "Dispute" by adding a note in your personal account area requesting that we initiate this change.  

Factors you need to consider when entering the "dispute" stage:

  • Should you initiate a dispute, you will need to show valid reasons or examples to support your thinking.
  • A dispute may take some time to reach resolution because we will need to discuss your case with the writer, have the paper evaluated, and so on. On occasion, you may be asked to provide additional information to validate your claim.   
  • We review each case on merit and every decision on a refund is made after considerable deliberation. The amount of the refund is based on independent evaluation of each circumstance.  
  • Where a customer fails to provide the requested information towards resolving a dispute within two weeks, the case will be annulled and it will not be possible to offer a refund after that time.  

The customer is given a two week period to find a resolution to any case placed in dispute in collaboration with our mediators. If a customer fails to provide any feedback or information we request in this time frame, the case will be closed automatically. Any VAT, discounts or extra benefits will not be refunded.     

You can learn more about our policy on this in the Refund section of our website.   

Refunds once a paper has been approved:

Each customer can review his/her own case and request amendments. However, once you select the "Approve" option, you will have access to a version of the paper you can edit or print and you can no longer claim any money back. Selecting the "Approve" option means you are confirming you are happy with the quality of our work and have found our writer's efforts satisfactory.    

Once you purchase essay papers and approve the work, you are only given one week to ask for your papers to be revised. To do so, just contact our customer services team and inform them of any issues.  

We recommend you don't approve your papers until you have assessed their quality and are happy. Should you have difficult seeing the preview version, contact our support team and request a different format.   

Although our price tags are quite cheap, you shouldn't use any materials we send you during the fulfillment of an order if you are planning to request a refund. You should bear in mind when buying essays online that all materials are our property and it is our right to publish or sell papers for commercial gain. When custom writing essays, our company does not maintain a database of papers, and when we talk about publishing online, we mean that if a paper is tested by plagiarism detection software or subjected to an Internet search , it will be linked to us. This protects our writers in the event a customer requests a refund on completed papers.     

We cannot assure you of any specific grade and customers cannot request a refund if they are dissatisfied with the grade they receive when they purchase essay papers from our company.