Women’s Studies Journal

Similarities and Differences of Current Women

In the past women were seen just as a tool and regarded to be less important in the society as compared to the today’s society whereby women are seen as instruments of change. In the  past, women were not supposed to hold vital positions  in the society like chairmanship, nowadays this is a bygone issue, because today’s roles and positions of women are envisaged in the constitution (Unger, 2004). Thus, their assignment into different positions is not by debate, but rather an order from a rule of law. The old slogan that ‘woman has to stay at home’ was very rampant and true in the past. This made women to be regarded as housewives, hence making them less crucial in improving the growth of the society. On the other side, now women take part in the economical growth of the nation, since they are incorporated in management. Traditionally, in the past, women were not involved in wars, but today’s women are even recruited to the army and military organizations.


In the past, women never had opportunities to participate in certain crucial jobs in the society. Even currently, women still do not have equal rights with men, since they still have very minor opportunities to clinch some of the job places.

The similarity of life of women in the past and present world is that women from the rural areas are still denied their rights. For example, majority of the women are not allowed to work and get money, because it is believed that they could overpower their male counter parts. Similarly, in the past, women were not to carry money or vital documents, such as identity cards, because they were regarded to be careless and inferior to hold important documents.

Women’s and Girls’ Self-Esteem Issues Related to Societal Pressure

According to the site of dove.com (2013), experiment was conducted among some women based on their self-esteem. The women were asked to describe the way they were looking after ordering them to disorganize their physical appearance, such as removing their hairs and most features which are prominent. Thereafter, the women descriptions of each other were sketched down. Later on, they were ordered to describe each other’s facial look. Based on their description, it was found that women were there the worst beauty critics. As far as Dove was concerned, approximately 4% of women in the world considered themselves beautiful. To react on this discussion the society expects women to be extremely smart in order to compete with other women in the society.

Girlsinc.com (2013) website explores that there are responsibilities and the need for a girl-child to be inspired strongly and smartly in all life situations and participate in making changes in the world programs. As a matter of fact, this makes them to be equipped academically, particularly in science and technology. This particular website helps girls to manage their financial obligations, handle themselves during their stage of adolescents, as well as serve in non-profit organizations, hence improving their self-esteem status. To react on the above statement, the society does not provide proper education and counseling to a girl-child especially pertaining issues of adolescents. Since girls and women are vulnerable creatures in the society, the society has tried to empower them academically and economically, so as to enable women not to be abused (especially sexually), therefore minimizing pressure from the society.

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