Jamestown Settlement

As a settler in the colony of Jamestown, there are a number of decisions I had to make before actually settling within the town. The location of the town was very vital when it came to my choice, since it is situated within the mainland settlements of North America at a place that is adjacent to a national park that is said to be complementary to the original town of Jamestown. It is found within the Islands of Jamestown that has over the years acted as an archaeological site presumed to the initial place that Jamestown was situated. The interactions with the Portsmouth town reminded me of the ships that transported the colonialist to the area as their statues were constructed there. The work force is also dynamic with the economic activity majorly practiced in tourism with other smaller activities that support it. Agriculture is another activity practiced in the area that has substantially improved its economy.

The reason as to why I chose to settle in Jamestown is because of its diverse economic activities, and the fact that it is a tourist destination which gives it more potential of expanding its economic activities due to the introduction of new ideas from the tourists who visit it regularly (Grizzard & Smith). The food supply has been on the rise due to the plantations found within the settlement with the health sector being neglected. The general morale of the colony is impressive, because people are willing to see change come their way. This, therefore, has given more urge to take up leadership position as a governor within the settlement. Through an analysis of the general condition of the settlement, various changes need to be made, especially in the service sector. A number of consultation methods will be employed with the native consultation method being widely used as it gives insight into needs of the individual settlement. The consultation teaches of the need to have collaborative leadership that is people- oriented. 

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