Narrative Essay: Bravery


In this narrative essay, I tell you a story about bravery.


Traditionally, abstract nouns have a certain perception in people’s mentality. It is difficult to define them as they can comprise a wide range of characteristics. Among such abstract nouns, one can mention loyalty, shyness, faith, and bravery.

Bravery can be defined as a certain quality of spirit, which gives a person the ability to face danger, troubles, or pain without showing fear. It is also a state of mind that is characterized by such qualities as self-possession and confidence. It is a readiness to overcome obstacles that occur in life. Bravery is the strength to stand up against established stereotypes. Inner bravery is an ability to follow all convictions regardless of the consequences and public opinion. Thus, it is an ability to protect what is right in complicated situations and stand against risk, danger, and uncertainty. Bravery can be compared with courage. It can also be described as fearlessness. Moreover, fearlessness can regard different situations in the everyday life of a person. Bravery also represents readiness to try new things.

Bravery can also have different forms. For instance, bravery can be mental or physical. Mental bravery refers to the courage to take a proper decision and act rightly despite popular opinion. Physical bravery can be defined as courage to stand against physical pain, the threat of death, or hardship. There is also social or so-called “civil courage.” This term addresses the situation in a society when people stand up against unjust illegal actions. Very often people know that the consequences of the riots can lead to death, injury, or other results. Bravery can occur in different situations and have different shapes. A person can show bravery while rushing into burning a house to save someone’s life or help a stranger on the street. Smaller examples of bravery happen in people’s everyday life. Confronting a person’s opinion sometimes also requires admirable acts of bravery.

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Thus, bravery is a distinguishing feature that provides a person with an opportunity to believe in his or her own strength. It is an ability to do the right things in the face of defeat and regardless of the consequences. A brave person is the one who trusts himself/herself and never goes against their principles.

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