Happiness: Statistic Results or the Feeling of Meaning?


This narrative essay is about happiness. What is happiness? Why nobody can give an exact definition? I tell you about it.

What is a Happiness for Me?

According to A. Schopenhauer, all people are evil by their nature. Thus they are aimed at convincing their wills and intentions. I do not perceive it to be reprehensible, but acceptance of only this point of view leads to a narrow vision. Everybody comes to certain conclusions after gaining certain experience. When I was a small child, I have understood that we should feel the meaning of everything that we do and enjoy the process of every activity without thinking about pragmatic egoistic moments, which may be just the consequences of our deeds.

I was born into a family of musicians. Therefore the world of musical harmony was opened to me quite early. I was fond of the most prominent composers of different epochs, I plunged in every new musical composition I have heard, and I worked hard because I had the aim to reach high peaks. At the age of nine, I took part in a very serious contest for young pianists, that has taken place in our town. It was my first professional experience and I wanted to do my best to win the first prize. While playing, I was thinking about my triumph. I even did not pay attention to the great audience, which has made every participant feel worried. However, it took not an hour for my teachers and parents to explain to me how to feel and think during the performance. I forgot about inner concentration and dedication to the spirit of music. My mother told me that it was necessary to me in the respect of changing my guidelines.

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I did not become the first that time. But I gained invaluable experience and concluded that the highest value is to be pleased with what you are doing, think about the moment you are living now, be grateful that you are not alone and you may be prompted by your closest people what to do if you are on the wrong way. After my failure, my parents did not love me less showing me that we all are here to create, discover and cognize for the sake of creation, discoveries, and cognition, but not to just get the results of these activities. Otherwise, life becomes flat.

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