Movie Review: "Rear Window"


Movie "Rear Window"

"Rear Window" is a very interesting and intriguing movie, which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock.The movie was released in 1954. Famous Hollywood stars Grace Kelly and James Stewart played the main characters in this movie. Many critics think that "Rear Window" is the best movie directed by Hitchcock.

Movie review: The movie tells the story of a professional photographer L. B. ‘Jeff’ Jeffries, who broke his leg during a photo shoot on a racetrack. ‘Jeff’ is unable to walk until the leg heals. Thus, he has to spend all his time in his apartment in Greenwich Village. He is bored because he has nothing else to do besides watching his neighbors through the rear window that looks out onto a yard. Luckily, the curtains on the windows are open, so he can see what they are doing. First, Jeff enjoys watching a dancer, whom he secretly calls ‘Miss Torso’. There is also a single woman, who he calls ‘Miss Lonelyheart’. Apart from these two people, Jeff can also see a pianist, who is constantly working on his music, some married couples, and the most interesting subject for him, sculptor Thorwald and his wife, who cannot walk because she is bedridden.


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One late evening, Jeff hears a woman scream. She shouts ‘Don’t!’ Right after the shout, he hears glass broke. Later that night Jeff sees how Thorwald tries to clean a large knife. It seems strange to Jeff, thus he discusses the event with his girlfriend Lisa and his nurse Stella. They believe that Thorwald killed his own wife. After this, Jeff becomes highly interested in the Thorwald’s case and begins to spy on the neighbor with binoculars and a photo lens. Later, the neighbor’s dog is found dead with a broken neck. To find out the truth, Lisa sneaks into Thorwald’s apartment while he is not at home and searches for clues. Suddenly Thorwald returns home and grabs Lisa. Luckily, she is rescued by the police, who Jeff called the very minute Thorwald entered the apartment. Jeff notices Thorwald’s wife’s ring on Lisa’s finger and realizes that she is giving him a sign. However, Thorwald also notices the ring and sees Jeff in the window, spying on him. So, he enters Jeff’s apartment and tries to push him out of the window. Thankfully, Jeff is saved by the police officers. Thorwald makes a confession that he killed his wife and is put to prison for murder.


This suspense thriller movie was extremely interesting to watch. It keeps the viewers in constant suspense. The script of "Rear Window" is very enthralling. The actors played their parts flawlessly. I can say that I really like the decorations in the movie. They are very lifelike for that period of time. In my opinion, "Rear Window" deserves only the positive critique.

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