Boys Don’t Cry

It may seem to be a paradox, but with a spread of the democracy values over the world, an evidence of homophobia is getting more frequent. In fact, democracy has made a huge step: abusive violation of human rights become in the light of the public attention so that average people are aware of such evidences. However, homophobia exists in different ways. In general, homophobia is an aggressive behaviour towards anyone who is somehow different. The example provides a movie “Boys Don’t Cry”. It revolves around a guy, named Brandon, who was born as a transgender person. He is incapable of some surgical treatment so that he was acting like a boy and even had dated several girls because he was known as polite, handsome, and caring person. As a result of one romantic relationship, Brandon was raped and killed by a former partner of his girlfriend. Doubtless, a homophobic jealousy was a motive for the murder.


To my mind, every single person has his or her right to be happy. In this case, Brandon has chosen to be a boy. Therefore, everyone should have the right of choice, especially in such cases. What is more, Brandon acted more in a male way than a meaningful number of normal men. In addition, he was considered by girls as a handsome guy. In fact, people, who were born with such a state, should not be blamed of that. It is not their fault, and, thus, they do not have to be treated in some different way. I think such people still have the right to hide it because the other people will still treat them differently even in terms of democracy tendencies. On the contrary, some other opinions exist due to different concerns of people.

In fact, some people claim that transgender people do not have a right to lead a heterosexual life because of their dubious state. The first reason to think so is that transgender people are tending to be homosexual. Taking this into consideration, holders of such opinion are also against transgender people to have the right to hide their transsexuality because it is not fair towards their potential partners. In addition, some psychological background plays a role because people are afraid of anything abnormal even though it does not imply any potential danger. To my mind, in romantic relationships and in daily life people should not be taken for their face value. It is much more important to pay attention to the personal trades of character and moral values of a person. Needless to say that transgender people do not have any moral or behaviour disorders. Psychologically, transsexual people are the same as average human-beings.

All in all, the movie “Boys Don’t Cry” provides an example how homophobia can become a sound motive for a murder. The victim was a transgender guy, named Brandon, who actually behaved as a normal boy and dated girls. He was raped and killed because of homophobic jealousy of the ex-boyfriend of Brandon’s girlfriend. In my own opinion, any person with such state should have the right to live a normal life and hide his or her state because people can be still afraid of such abnormality. In contrast, some people think that transgender people do not have to lead any romantic relationships with normal men and women because they are likely to be homosexual, and it is dishonest to claim themselves to belong to a particular gender. However, I do not share such opinion because it is stereotypical and I value in people their personal trades of character.

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