Rousseau is a philosopher who has come up with out quite a number of philosophies including the one that explains reasons why an individual’s decisions are influenced by other people’s opinions.  He gave better advice and followed it less than any other famous man. He came up with the philosophy on social contract. This is very true, and it is evidenced by way of life that most people live. It is having got its evidence from also the dressing of the day today, religion and also the governance at large. This is seen so much in the political sector as there are laws, rules, order and regulations that are laid down and are mean t to be followed by the citizens of that particular nation.

It is believed that all that is done for the good of the citizens, though at times and may be Many times it is detrimental to the citizens. Therefore though, it is for their good, it is not also for their good at all. This therefore renders or requires the citizens to submit wholly to the laws, rule and regulation that are set out. As he has explained that the decision of individuals is highly dependent on the opinion of others and it ends up being their good. Hence becomes the rational authority. This has deemed any effort that we have laid down to pursue happiness hard but then in a framework of rules which we accept or even may not but are still governed by them. From Rousseau's research,  it is extremely clear that he thought that may be via the correct political order, equality and our freedom could be restored. On the contrary, the phrase’ obeying only himself’ is mysterious, and to some extent particularly unrealistic. It is unrealistic for it calls out for unanimous agreement. He said that we all unite for the good of the public hence we are united to the general will. This thus makes it our obligation to ensure the good becomes our own and that it is good to conform to the demands of the general good. The general good is derived often from the opinion of people in a nation.

This clearly helps us figure out that as human beings,  we have a free will to carry out our own activities based on what we think is right. This is the possession of resources and power to fulfill one’s own potential. Without the necessary resources then it becomes quite hard to exercise liberty. An example could includes; if one truly longs and desires to get married and they want to have a marriage ceremony but then they do not have enough funds; they are therefore limited by the resource(funds) to exercise their free will which was holding a marriage ceremony.

Another illustration also is, in the case of a scandal on say, land grabbing, the parties involved are of a different class, one is well rich, and the other is poor. Then the rich can be able to take the petition to court and also well able to see to it that the petition has gone through fully. On the contrast,  the poor one is not in a position to finance the petition or even pay up a lawyer to represent them in court. Therefore, the poor one is subjected to the general will of the rich man and the court. Therefore, left with no option but to adhere to the rules; hence his decision is influenced by the rich man’s decision and the court which is governed by rules and orders.

The lack of the resources also makes an individual subject to the lack of privacy as they have nothing of their own. Therefore, this causes us to deduce that without resources we privy to the general good of the public. So for, an individual to make a sober decision they have got to have what it takes in relation to the capability and also the availability of resources.

But a contrast comes in; which is; what is the relationship between adherence to law and regulations so as to maintain order and freedom. As we all know freedom is the ability of an individual being able and in a position to come up with rational decisions and reasonable decisions that may or may not influence the decisions of others in the society. Freedom could also mean that one stands a chance make decisions that are not in whatsoever way influenced by the decision of the people around them and that they do not let that general will affect their decisions. This therefore makes us subject to the opinions of people. This may or may not work for us. It at times worked for us as we are protected and are made to think far, broad and wide.

With freedom then it means that we are at liberty and are hence free from any inhibitions of the social structure as the exercise their free will. Even though, we are free to exercise our will we are still bound to adhere to the moral principles that we have with us. An example is that even it and an individual feels the urge to like ‘kill’, since it is against what we deem as right then they will not do it though they have the freedom to do whatever they want even with an opportunity having presented it. We should also avoid instances that we are trying to impress others hence give a chance for their opinions to affect our decisions. According to Rousseau then somehow we cannot detach ourselves from the fact that our decisions as humans are mostly influenced by the opinions of others.

On the other end, we should not always let our decisions be affected by other people’s opinions to our detriment. Therefore on the other side of things is that we should not let our decisions be dependent on other people’s opinions. Therefore, there is a dire need for an individual to exercise a free will and no longer bound to the general good of the public. This will subsequently render us free from the bondage that civilians are in of dependence to others opinions as we make decisions. The effects that we let the opinion of other people has on us could be diverse depending on the decision made by that individual. This means that there are consequences for every decision made by an individual, be it in the contest of exercising freedom or the free will or on the other hand, subjected to the general good of the public.

Given the privacy that is required then, a particularly sober decision can be made as there is no influence from other people’s opinions or even their lifestyles. As it is nowadays, westernization is of so much effect to the developing. This is because westernization comes about as a result of the collection of people’s ideas. It has affected positively and also has had a negative impact. The impact is positive in the sense that the technology in the developing countries has really been improved. Therefore, the decisions we make as civilized persons cause a highly great impact in our nation and community at large.

Though we are given a chance to make decisions based on what we think or even feel, then one should before they make the decision fully, they can ask themselves that if they would will that another person act as they have or will. Then after answering such a question they are in a good position to know if the decision they are to come up with is really a valid decision, and if it is the right thing to do.  This takes us to the concept of universality, which portrays a morally acceptable action this gives a ground on which we can base our decisions on and not people’s opinions as it is Rousseau’s claim. Therefore, we should always know that, though the opinion of Rousseau that most civilized people are in bondage of high dependence of other people’ opinions to make decisions.

Morality is the key issue that we should highly value before we get involved in any action. With the different types of personalities then we can base our decisions on different things or get them from other sources, not just people’s decisions. These sources could include other peoples’ success, those that have been ahead of you and were confronted by the same problem as you are in or facing. One can also learn from others failures. This helps them not make a decision as they did hence the chances of failure are minimized. An illustration is if an acquaintance is borrowed money by Jack, and it happens that Jack does not pay back, and then from that Jane learns a lesson that Jack does not pay back his debts as promised. With that Jane is able to take precaution if Jack borrows her cash. With that a decision has been made from a previous failure and hence a success.

Therefore, it is of so much importance to consider our morals even in the event that we have all the freedom at our disposal. The fact that we are free does not warrant us to go against ethics and morals. Rousseau claims are extremely true the civilians are in bondage of their dependence of others opinions to make decisions.

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