1. Metaphysics is an act of telling issues as it is. This is giving the truth about the global environment and existences of living things.

2. Materialism is the state of getting obsessed with what the world owns.

4. Determinism is the perception of the individual of the natural world.

5. Dualism is the literal thoughts that whatever is happening in the brain has no connection with the body.

6. Natural or Pre-Socratic Philosophers are the theorists who tried to discover the general doctrine on how human beings found themselves in the world since its inceptions.

7.  Existentialism is the belief that highlights how the human beings found themselves in the world.

8. Epicurean – is an act of enjoying life and its contents without limit or in a full spectrum to satisfy once needs.

9. Greco-Roman is the changes which were taking place from Greeks to Romans. The religious aspect of events also takes place.

10. Judeo-Christian is the change taking place between two religions from Judaism to Christianity. This was the transition of bringing the Christianity into existence.

11. Hedonism is the act whereby the mind obtains a total satisfaction or joy.

12. Epistemology is the study of how information came into existence, and the minimum volume the person can have to know.

13.  Stoicism is the succession of intellectual activities and conduct of life paving the way to removing unhelpful feelings which will finally yields to happiness. 

14. Rationalism is the way when a person can find the facts by using explanation without depending on any intervention of the historical background of divine.

15. Empiricism is the speculation based on manners and the ability to understand that is not natural, but achieved by putting into practice.

16. Ethics is the concept that upholds the character or the way of living in a society or individuals.

17. Natural Law – this is a regulation that is taken to be totally good, and with no biases, it emerges from the idea that the world is controlled by the outer space and the living creatures in it should be supported in a well-mannered method.

18. Relativism is the standing values that all observations, character, spiritual and reality are qualified, legal and related to the persons.

19. Absolutism: this is where ones has powers and mandate to rule and controlled without any ones intervention.

20. “Ontological” means to be available or to be in a living form.

21. “Teleological” is the working realistic rule that is continuous.

22.Utilitarianism is a moral theory that the joy which the people in the society have been taken as excellent. The achievement is considered honorable if the end results are delightful.

23. a’ posteriori refers to a final decision emerging from the training.
24.  Categorical Imperative is the proper confidence that performance is based in a responsible way.

25.  Post-Modernism is the deeper discovering and honest description of the humanity.

Since my childhood, I have come to realize that human beings do undergo a lot of stages in a struggle in order to achieve positive results in life.

There are some people who were born with talents. These are fond of achieving their goals, and some were born and trained to accomplish what they want to obtain and make life more meaningful to them.

I have tried to understand what life means. By asking myself many questions, I came to realize that the material things is not all that we need to make us happy. Rather, it is the state of soberness of our mind or intellect is a key issue.

Majority of people do take their time prioritizing what will give them a meaningful life. By doing so, they will have an endless opportunity looking after that thing which will make them contended. This can give a danger of exhausting oneself and time wasting because it is not guaranteed that such will be fulfilled.

The only way to get contended is to appreciate what is at hand and within the reach.

I sometimes asked myself what the future holds for me, and in respect gets back to a biblical verse on a spiritual part that elaborates that do not worry about tomorrow, for it cares itself.

This gives me a lot of hope that life can still be the best for me. Even if, today comes to an end, tomorrow will still be a good one for me. The verse helps me to rid off the worries for it is easy to control whatever is taking place. I can get worried because of the conflicts in my country, it can destabilize my mood of living, and by considering that conflicts are not the part of me and it has no room to affect me, and this self-courage enables me to eliminate such a worry.

I can achieve this by preaching the peace. If I can be in a position to bring two parties fighting for powers or leadership into agreement, it will therefore justify that there will be no conflicts.

The most interesting things and ideas I learned in class this semester is about the Plato’s theory, Rationalism, Empiricism, Descartes, Aristotle, Aquinas, Metaphysics, Being World/Becoming Word, Forms, Idealism, Recollection, Dualism, Socrates, Immanuel Kant, Social contact, Egoism, Determinism, Divine Command, Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics and Virtue Ethics.

I was particularly interested in Plato’s theory because it makes me to understand in depth how things in this world came into existence through the different stages. In all the stages I can be able to compare and contrast on what the philosopher’s perspective is about all that the Bible says. However, it cannot be going hand in hand with what God as the main creator performs. It is a highly ironical form. As per philosophers some things or events just happen because it was intended to be so, not by the act of planning and designing.

With the contents in the Bible it gives in details form on how living things came into the world. Starting with the book of Genesis on how God created the universe as the fist priority. The second creation dwells on the thing that occupies the universe like plants and animals.

Also, our senses and reasoning is much more in doubt in a way that it is under the question of fulfilling its mandate to make people take action, our minds cannot take control of the body, and hence the body operates due to its own feelings. We have what is within our reach because of the talents, but in Plato’s talent is not a priority: it is the sense of having knowledge the first.

I have also learnt that we can achieve what we want without stressing ourselves. This is according to stoicism. Pleasures can lead us to the stressing life, and we might not achieve the best. By taking life in a comprehensible way and applying hard work, we end up being happy.

Human beings live freely and with all freedom and democracy to exercise their powers as per their own wish; this concept was driven in by the existentialism. I learnt that from theories like epicureans if not taken keen it can mislead the way on how people live.

This is because it allows excessive enjoyment of life, which can lead to the loss of life. As we appreciate what the life holds for us (due to this theory), a lot of care needs to be observed. If this can be applied to the current modes of living then it will be of great sadness. It is appealing to act due to these theories for it can mislead and again it can give the full meaning of life, for anyone to apply the full life. To my mind, it will be of good interest if the natural law could take the position of our leaders and nation, this is because all people could be treated equally and, above all, we could live in the unity.

Also, worth noting is the relationship between the mind and the body; it totally goes against the medical perception that both the mind coordinates with the body. The body behavior responds to what the reflex of the brain does. This is what the dualism states and cannot go in hand together with these medical values.

Plato’s form keeps on influencing my thoughts for it tells us how we should be living. It considers how people perceive the actions in their daily life. Some needs to be incorporated fully, and some ideas and theories fit well to our standards.

With the proper highlights of materialism in theory, it is enticing to know that this theory has been affected in the current society. People have turned to be materialistic, hence making this theory to come of age. If the individuals are not careful then the trend of being materialistic will be in a vicious circle.

Utilitarianism has not been achieved in the modern world, because there is more reluctance in dealing with people’s way of living. The joy of the people is being suppressed and cannot come to the climax, because some few things usher in stress. The fact is based on trying to attain pleasure without which it cannot work out. The topic makes me to comprehend very well on both the views of the philosophers and the biblical point of view on existence of things on earth.

Plato’s forms theory has a lot of funny information about him. He is a highly creative philosopher. He invented contradictory theories of which other philosophers twisted their theories basing on what Plato’s form theory originated.

Plato was for the differentiating forms of realism and the way it emerges. He was up to justification on what was reasonable and unreasonable. He gives the best examples of the people in jails, how they are being treated is unbelievable. They are not given any room or space of freedom even to identify what was with in the environment. Plato’s stated that for those convicted in jails to know what was within them was by seeing the shades of some objects or people. From the point of seeing shades then they could acknowledge the presence of a real thing.

Even in our own personal life we are like the prisoners; what we normally encounter in our eyes are just but shades imitating the real stuff. Giving an example of a real animal coming into existence suggests the fact which is the initiative of likeness of shades. This is because both living animals cannot be in survival at the same time.

It is hard to take into consideration the two events, not unless the way of thinking can be applied. The survival of creatures does emerge and quit, and hence it can be only remembered by using logic. By Plato, the forms are shapeless and cannot portray any changes.

Although Plato’s theory of forms may not be perfect, it has the qualities that will enhance the development of philosophy, since it came on the exact time that the entire predicament existed to date even though no solution has been reached.

Again in Plato’s theory he plotted ideas about the collective and shapeless in comparison with objects; that it is the final and real form. Plato’s conception that does not have understanding should take into account at least spot of understanding to. The understanding of the processes will already make it easier and easier to search and to get, and how to obtain it. Plato contradicts himself by saying that it is mandatory to have all knowledge initially. It is beyond the logic that one must at least posses a lime light of a little knowledge.

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