Maslow Pyramid

The most basic needs in the Maslow Pyramid are related to physiological survival. These basic needs include air, water, food, and sex. Ads targeting this level include advertisement of basic needs such as food, drinks, as well as perfect ways of enhancing sexual performance. Most of the ads in this level are founded on the basic needs, but they are meant to meet higher levels of satisfaction other than basic needs. Pizza is classified as food, a basic need, but people mainly consume it for leisure, since it is associated with sophistication. This product is made superior through advertisement with its additional feature making it superior and luxurious and may not be a perfect example of a basic good. Basic goods are inferior in complexity.

Need for security and safety is the next in the hierarchy and actualized by the shelter and protection. Advertisements have made people not only look for shelter but classy housings. Depending on the financial status of an individual, the choice of the house would depend on the level of luxury required but not a house to satisfy safety need. Safety needs could be financial security personal security, safety against accidents, and health security, which have been altered by ads cases. Ads such as insurance policies are now taken for other purposed like acting as personal savings but provide a good example of need for financial security in this level. These needs have not been altered intensively since people take the best ad as a source of ultimate safety.

Love and belonging make the next set of needs in the hierarchy. People search for love in many ways and ads exist to assist such individuals. Through magazines, people can learn how to build good relationships in marriages, as couples, and with their children. This need is affected by various issues, and only those with the required financial power can access advisers and purchase texts related to the need for love. The perfection of love would make all people feel to belong to a group, and they are fully accepted.

Self-esteem comes before self-actualization. In this case, people have the desire to feel accepted by others and have a feeling of being valued. Many ads exist, which enhance people capability of being accepted and valued. In politics, politicians publicize themselves to the public to draw favors from people. Again, an individual would follow ads promoting body enhancement, which make people more attractive and acceptable. Through plastic sugary, people have changed their skin color and their identity in order to be accepted as attractive. All people hardly want to feel inferior and that is why some people would spend huge amounts of money to feel accepted. Self-actualization is the ultimate need. People strive to become what they can be in life. This level accomplishes everything that one has ever desired in life. Advertisements contribute by making people aware of superior products such as expensive houses, luxurious life, super sport cars, and great power in the society, which form example of self-actualization goods. The classification of each good as a need depends on the financial level and social class of an individual. This aspect means that these goods may not adequately come out as examples for each level of Maslow Hierarchy of needs. An expensive car may be the source to self-esteem, to promote love and acceptance, source of security, or self –actualization. These goods are thus not strict examples of each level of Maslow pyramid of needs. 

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