My Difficulties in English Writing



Narrative essay is an essay that revolves around a single motif, or a central point. This personal essay revolves around an my English writing and my handwriting.

My Handwriting

My academic life could not have been as it is without adequate English skills, especially in writing. Today I am not only a good learner, but also a great writer. The achievements came to my academic life after a difficult struggle in learning the language, affected by a poor handwriting experience during my first years of studying. Like many other learning problems, complications in my writing were devastating to my education and my self-esteem. I never liked it when other children posed negative comments regarding to my handwriting, backwardness in class work, and poor performance. Most people thought that I had troubles in English, but that was not the case. I simply did not have the ability to put my ideas across through writing. My parents had high expectations on me that, as I progressed through school, I would increasingly have the ability to express what I knew about various subjects through writing. “My teachers have no expectations on me, and they take me as a failure,” I thought occasionally. To make my wrongs right, I had to take a different course in writing.

The comforting aspect of my education is that I was good at reading and interpreting content. All the content I had developed in my mind needed to be expressed. I understood that the only way I could prove my intelligence is through writing. Writing was a basic skill, and I had to figure out why teachers insisted on improving personal handwriting. My handwriting was poor and hardly fluent. I mainly failed exams because the teachers could not figure out the ideas presented in my writing. Discovering my failure as a weakness was the first step. I had to accept that I was poor in writing, and all other children had the right to scorn me. This was my turning point.

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I decided to work the problem out individually and systematically, since nobody seemed to care about my problem. My parents were only worried, but they were too busy to help. During my homework, I concentrated on the fluency of my writing more than the speed. The two aspects were problems to my writing techniques, and I had to handle them separately. Often, I would try to copy letters as they appeared in typed texts, mostly English writings. This practice consumed much of my time, which I also counted as a loss to my academics. I mainly practiced this during my homework, but occasionally during exams. Instead of revising whatever we had studied in class, I would practice good handwriting. Before I knew it, I had developed to become the best student in terms of handwriting in my class. I hardly noticed that my language had improved significantly as well. My practice involved intensive reading beyond class work, which contributed to the sharpening of my speaking writing skills, specifically in the English language.

The only problem was the speed and class performance in general. I had employed most of my efforts developing my writing such that even during the exams, I would hardly complete my tests trying to make my work smart. Lack of speed was another weakness that needed to be addressed. As I advanced in education, I gained the ideology that writing was a combination of many aspects of language that needed to be interrelated. A good writer needs to be a creative thinker with good analytical skills. I had constructed the basis of ensuring that teachers understood my content in both exams and assignments. I had gradually emerged as the best learner in my class. The other students started liking me with most of them taking me for a role model.

I had to concentrate on something unique that had developed as I struggled to improve my handwriting and other writing skills. My writing skills developed due to my struggle to have a smart handwriting. As I read many different texts, I could figure out different writing ideas and styles that make a good written content. Throughout high school, I was the best writer in the school. I received numerous awards in writing contexts at different levels. I came to understand that anybody could emerge to be strong by concentrating on his or her weakness. This can happen in process of discovering the weakness, accepting it, identifying ways of handling it, and working towards perfecting the weakness. That was how I emerged to become a great writer.

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