Movies Review: “Why did I Get Married Too?” and “Think Like a Man”


Movie Review: “Why did I Get Married Too?”

In today’s society, many people think and talk only of the negative side of marriage. The rate of divorce is over the roof, especially among the young and middle aged people in this institution. There is, however, some truth in this assumption. The sanctity of marriage has been disgraced and marred by a wrongful attitude towards this sacred union between a man and a woman. This movie offers an exclusive view into the hardships of marriage life. It follows the story of four couples who struggle with different troubles. These include mental, physical, financial, and spiritual problems. These are among the most common problems faced by today’s married couples. Most squabbles in homes today come as a result of these problems.

The Main Plot Movie "Why did I Get Married Too?"

In the, the women who include Angela, Patricia, Dianne, and Sheila have the traditional mindset that men are the ones to blame for all their problems. Angela has trust issues because her husband does not want to give her his cell phone password. Sheila, on the other hand, is caught in the middle of hostility between her ex-husband and her current husband. There is also the element of divorce in the movie since Patricia and Gavin are getting a divorce. As the movie progresses, some of the couple work out their problems while others are irreconcilable; one person ends up dying.

This movie is the epitome of marriage enlightenment. For people preparing to get married, this movie gives a platform on which they can gauge their expectations for married life by portraying how different couples handle hardships and trials. For people already in marriage, this movie is like a mirror in which they can gauge the strength of their marriage. It also offers them comfort to know that they are not the only ones who face such trials and tribulations. By watching this movie, one will get the courage to go into marriage with open eyes and commit themselves to their partner.

Movie Review: “Think Like a Man”

Marriage coaching involves not only helping people in marriage but also helping those who want to get into marriage. One has to be in a relationship first so as to get to know someone. This movie follows four relationships with different personalities who either want to get into marriage or establish long lasting relationships.

The Main Plot Movie "Why did I Get Married Too?"

Among the personalities portrayed in this movie there is the mama’s boy. This is the kind of man who has an unhealthy attachment to his mother. If a woman finds herself in a relationship or marriage with this type of a man, she will have to deal constantly with the mother-in-law. While this is not a big issue, it is unhealthy for a marriage to have the in-laws hovering around all the time. The non-committer is the type of man who is afraid of settling down with one woman. Single women who want to get into marriage should avoid this type of a man.

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The women, on the other hand, range from single mothers to strong willed and independent women. There is also the woman who wants the engagement ring and the one who is withholding sex so as to get to know the man better. It is clear from the movie that the women are the ones who set the pace for the men to follow. They are the ones who decide what they want their relationships to be and get the men to follow behind.

This movie is an invaluable addition for people in the dating pool who are preparing themselves for marriage. It helps them to carefully select the people whom they should be occupying themselves with so as to get a better chance of settling down with the right partner.

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